Tuesday, November 30, 2010

an end

Day 30.... a long list... ( not in any particular order of importance.. just typing as it comes)

November has been a great month of thankfulness.

I am thankful for :

our warm house. two sweet boys. a great hubby. an angel baby. a Savior. A God who loves me. family. memories. making new memories. blogging. journals. bathtime. scriptures. texting. facebook. phonecalls to parents. friends. the Holidays. movies. games. anniversaries.
I could go on all night.. but i'm tired...
Thanks for the Thanks November!

Monday, November 29, 2010

a new day

29..kids that forgive

After a night like we had last night I am happy to blog that we are having a much better day than yesterday.
I stuck to my guns about time outs and made it through the day..( with thehelp of a coke)
the kids are happily in bed, bathed, lotioned and even enjoyed their first hair dryer experience. who knew that would be so fun?? It's getting cold and all.. ( i remember as a kid my mom always blowdrying my hair so i wouldnt catch pnemonia)... does that really help??
i am feeling much happier about my mothering duties.

my mom called back with some "grandmotherly" advise.. although im not sure if this is the best advise but ill take it. she told me to : treat them like they arent my kids but like kids that I would be babysitting.. i wouldnt normally put up with children in my house behaving and disobeying. that i have such a strong personality and wouldnt put up with that .. so why do i let my kids walk all over me...so heres to unmothering my kids...
ha ha.. thanks mom.. can i get paid?? since they arent my kids and all...

we had a wonderful Family Home evening watching a dvd about Jesus' birth. It was fun to see how excited the kids were about it.. and teaching them what this Holiday season is all about.

tomorrows the last day of every day blogging.. im sure you are all sick of hearing from me everyday.. but hey.. it's my blog...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

let the cheer begin

day 28.. setting up Christmas..

warning: contains honest, frank behavior from me... the writer of this blog... no judging aloud :)

So with the Thanksgiving Holiday over... we had a bright idea of setting up Christmas tonight. I wasn't really "feeling" it... but decided to jump in and do it anyway... In my head I am thinking this will be so fun... making new memories... NOT HOW IT WENT DOWN ...

The kids hadn't napped, they werent listening to us AT ALL.... and I was frustrated more than ever. I was moments away from seriously having a meltdown. We eventually got the lights and ornaments on the tree...
Case inside the tree box... Camden waving fake tree branches around.. just picture it..
There was nice holiday music in the background from a local radio station, but eventually got turned off because any less noise was a good thing.. (even if it was the end of that Josh Groban O Holy Night.. the longest note ever held) the kids hitting eachother, fighting over Christmas books.. which ornament they were going to hang...

I had made potato ham soup earlier, so I warmed some up for the kids. Case ate it right up, but Camden complained about the few kernels of corn in the montage... after choking down 6 bites, they were off to brush teeth and bedtime was calling their names...

I yelled a few times and it was over. I vaccumed up the plastic greeness that had gotten on the floor.. Blades quietly put some more decorations up, as I talked to my mom on the phone. Bawling of course about how my kids dont behave and looking for a great cure for it all.. thinking maybe she had one.. she didnt.. darn..

Tomorrow will be a new day... I will hug my kids again and try it all over for another day...
for tonight I feel like the worst Christmas memory making mom ever!
( maybe since it's not December yet... it doesnt count) I hope

Saturday, November 27, 2010

a few days behind

25 26 27... let the traditions begin

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I did absolutley no black friday shopping.. partly because I had a bug of some sort which made me want to do nothing for a day and a half..

We were at the temple today with my cousin who sealed thier baby to them. What an amazing sight to see children in the temple. It made me want my own kids there ( children are able to enter if they are being sealed to parents). its not something you see... It was nice to visualize today.. an amazing morning...

Stopped by Kyndal's grave. the kids collected pinecones for Christmas decorations and ornaments. we started on them tonight.. for some reason it sounded fun til we were in the middle of pipe cleaners, glue, glitter and googly eyes.. traditions I suppose... never would i thought it would be ok for my kids to run ( reverently) around with a trash bag at a cemetary collecting pine cones... I think we will make this a new tradition

we are watching movies tonight and enjoying leftover turkey soup.. heres to a great weekend!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

a hubby that cooks

day 24.. blades can cook

he made a turkey.. the best one yet.. stuffed with oranges, garlic and onion... yum.. the smells alone were delicious..

His mom makes lemon merange (sp) and pecan pies every year, so he made some here. they looked perfect..
I went to Laynes to make an apple pie.. with aunt bobijo's crust.. i even had a piece for breakfast

we are looking forward to leftover turkey sandwiches and lots of yummy pie.

we wish we were closer to family this holiday, but are grateful for friends we have to spend the day with.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


day 23.. sunsets..
Did anyone in the az area see that sunset last night? It was beautiful.. Blades was on his way home from work, and I on my way home from getting a nutritious $5 pizza... and i noticed it..
Oranges, pinks, purples all over the sky..
Blades called and i knew exactly why he was calling.. i answered saying" isnt it pretty"...

I tried taking a picture to post, but it didnt save to my phone for some reason, plus picture wouldnt of captured what it really looked like..

My mom always has loved sunsets.. she loves those colors.
When michael (my brother) and I were on our missions.. He is Brazil and I in Seattle... we would send her pictures of sunsets..

There is something magical about it. The colors and clouds.. makes you feel small in this little earth.. and a reminder of a loving Heavenly Father who would make something so pretty.

Monday, November 22, 2010

twice as nice... not here

Day 22.. medicine

we spent the afternoon at the dr for Camden. He had strep throat a few weeks ago... and he has it again.. Twice in a month..poor kid.. couldnt even swallow his own spit..
so we are resting and thankfully we have insurance for 8 more days.
blades is on his way to pick up his new medication.. something stronger i suppose. and bringing us home a treat.

hope he is better in a few days to enjoy the Holidays and the yummy food that comes along with it.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

rain rain..

Day 21.. Thankful for Rain

I grew up in the desert.. when it rained it usually meant flash floods..
We didnt get rain alot.. but loved when it did come
I love the smell on the pavement when it first starts to rain
I still live in the desert which still means flash floods..
We saw a rainbow this afternoon

Once as a kid it rained so hard that all of Stewart was flooded.. We came home from church and swam in it.. my brother got hives cause he was cold. it was up to his head..talk about a flash flood.. ( think of the nastyness of that water yuck.. but we were kids and it was fun)

I served a mission in Seattle which meant RAIN.. love it.. different there though.. it was always drizzling and it was cold in the winter.. like walking into the cold section at Costco cold...
I learned to love it.. wet hair and all..

This afternoon it rained on the way to Mesa.. the kids enjoyed it and wondered if they could play in it.. when we got to our destination it had stopped..

It makes me want to climb into bed with a warm blankey and sleep.. Which is now what I am off to do!

Rain Rain... stay

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Day 20... Sunday's
Some are better than others.. all are great... especially when my kids behave at church..

the kids are all ready for Sunday.. baths... early bed.. usually i have thier clothes ready but not tonight..

I love how close our church building is now..
All of us dressed up
my kids folding thier arms for prayers
trying to be reverant for the Sacrament
teaching them how important church is
early church (9).. used to be 2... ick
a quick lunch .. we are usually starving when we get home
Sunday naps
spending time together as a family

Tomorrow this is what we will do... all of the above..
plus go to a friends house in mesa and have an early Thanksgiving..yum

Friday, November 19, 2010


Grandad giving Case his first haircut..
Grandma loving on Case

Grandpa Dill building with the boys

Cori and Mom

day 19.. thankful for family..

those that are near in my home.. and those far away.. I love my family.. as I get older I realize how much fun my aunts and uncles are.. i remember as kids thinking they would just sit around and talk and us kids would just play. Now I enjoy sitting around listening to their stories.

Being far away from parents makes us realize how much we miss them. Now I would love to sit down and listen to thier stories and have them closer for my kiddos to be around.

We have found new family (s) here in AZ that we rely on and are grateful for them too. We have met wonderful friends that I know we will be friends with forever.

Tonight Im missing extended family! Especially with the holidays coming up!


day 19.. an iced coke
nothing like it... the ideal coke experience takes place in at sonic ... with plenty of sonic ice included in its styrofoam masterpiece. if it is between the hours of 2-4pm.. even better.. half priced drinks.. thats what i call HAPPY HOUR!

there are many other uses for the cola flavored treat...
i made pulled pork last night for salads.. ( added coke to the crock pot)
gets rid of headaches.. ( ive had all week.. but not from the coke.. probably a faulty pillow)
I hear it cleans toilets.. but i havent tried that method.. why waste a good thing?

My Grandma Welch loved Coke too.. its a tradition I plan on carrying around for quite a while.
Just the smell reminds me of her.. as she got older she saw a neighbor outside and invited them in for a coke. the neighbor went in and grandma never did.. she got distracted pulling weeds.. she did get forgetful.. maybe she just didnt want to share..

the first drink of the day is always the best.. the cold fizz you can feel traveling down your whole body.. yum!

sometimes i dont share.. with the kids.. i am worried .. especially if they are eating... that a particle of thier food might enter my beverage... creating a contamination.. yuck...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a first in 6 years

Day 17.. thankful for growing kids...
So today we are getting ready to venture out to the park.. (we've been spending alot of time there) and Case put on his own sandals..
First time in 6 years that i havent helped anyone with their shoes on the way out the door.. I was a little happy.. but also a little sad.. my babies are growing up.. they are sweet boys and love them to death. although i am exhausted at the end of the day.. i wouldnt trade these two for anything...
Camden is so sweet in his prayers and sounding so big when he says them. He always remembers Kyndal in his prayers and talks about her often.
Case, when tricked into saying the prayer likes to do it all alone.. no help. I hope they can always remember to pray.. I wish I was better about my own prayers... I will work on that!
Case and Camden.. Jan 2007 Case less than a day old.. Camden 2 1/2
Camden 6, Blades, Case 3 1/2

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a good haircut

day 16.. haircuts..
have you ever gotten a haircut.. and everything else in your life feels great? thats how im feeling... Thanks Camie!
coming from two parents who are completely gray... i have no chance of having normally colored hair.. ive hair gray hair since i was on my mission.. maybe even before.. so usually i do the box of color thing.. but camie colored it this time too...

i give my boys haircuts.. and they are so cute afterwards...
my cousin stefanie asked for a pic.. so here it is...


day 15.. facebook.. call me crazy but it's the best thing... if you arent a facebooker.. get one.. ( and add me as a friend.. if i know you)

yesterday i posted a question about a picky eater and what to do with a kid that wont eat..
I had 18 comments in a matter of hours.. all great ideas..

its a great way to stay connected to those i dont see very often...
mission friends, old ward members.. neighbors.. family.. its wonderful!

I missed my post yesterday.. blades just reminded me.. so there it is... and I will post again later.. for todays thankful

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Day 14. Thankful for weekends...

cooking breakfast ( more than just cereal)
no bedtimes
Neil and Camie in town
sewing burpcloths
glitter toes
a sneak to hobby lobby while kids napped
blades' cooking
a great haircut and color
good food

with friends in town we skipped out on stake conference...( don't judge me)
weekends are wonderful.. im tired though...early bedtime tonight for momma too!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


quick post.. day 12... bedtime...
its quiet at my house after a long day of saturday events. the kids went to bed without a fight and it was wonderful!
camie said i should be thankful for bedtime tonight.. she is here visiting... whew.. quiet!
now off to watch a movie and drink my sonic coke blades just brought me back...

Friday, November 12, 2010

me myself and I

Day 11...thankful for shopping with no kids

I cleaned the house most of the day.. we have friends coming in town.. so a little more cleaning than normal...
blades got home and the kids were napping,, so i snuck out... joanns for some material for burp cloths for a special baby boy that will be here in a few weeks.. (see prior post)
Old navy was right next door, so i had to stop in.. found the kids backpacks and some socks on clearance.. we will stuff that away for Christmas.
It was nice shopping alone.. glancing at what i wanted to... no screaming or fighting kids. no dirty looks from onlookers ( who i love to call out when they stare.. " look boys all these people are staring at you)...
its the small things right??

Thursday, November 11, 2010

fall fun

Day 11.. Fallness..
There is something about fall.. the colors, coolness and yummy treats. heres a few pictures of us celebrating fall..
Dad and Caser with a cupcake he decorated
Camden after dunking his head in for an apple

decorated cupcake..

Case diggin into his candy pile

Case and Cori ( i hate cats and i dressed like one).. I hadnt dressed up in 10 years.. figured it was time..

Three of the cutest boys around.. Mason, Luke and Camden

Indian and pirate on our way to the fun fall party

Dad definitley gets stuck with this job... the guts.. yuck!

Ever since we went to a wedding anniversary and there was real indian dancers.. camden wanted to be an indian.. here was his costume.. i added sleeves and fringe.. beads and feathers..

Caser the Pirate...

We love the fall.. and glad it is cool enough to open windows and enjoy an afternoon at the park!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

flashfloods ahead

Day 10... Thankful for grief..
Does that sound crazy? For most it is, but the feeling is coming to me less and less as time goes on from loosing Kyndal a year ago..
Today it came... like a flashflood.. out of nowhere.. ( and it felt good)
I was at the hospital visiting a friend's friend.. who is having a baby soon
( and giving her baby up for adoption to some dear friends)
she is starting to contract and they are monitoring her hoping to hold the baby in there a few more weeks..
she is on complete bedrest but when she was told she could sit up and eat she was super excited. the monitor slipped off the baby and the buzzers started going off... nurses came right in trying to find the baby's heartbeat. I sat there knowing everything was fine.. but all of these memories of me being in a hospital and a nurse searching for Kyndal's heartbeat came flooding to my mind.
I sat and prayed that they would find it... after what seemed like FOREVER.. we heard his heartagain.. and the sounds that come with monitoring.. whew... I felt relieved.
The tears came.. and my friends there were supportive in finding tissue for me.
I feel a special connection with this little guy hearing and seeing his heart beating on the monitor.. I cant wait to hold him.. maybe him and Kyndal are hanging out up there just waiting for the right time to send him down...
So today.. although i had a flood of emotions.. it felt good to cry and have those memories.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

back in the day

Day 9.... wedding bells were ringing...

Our 8th anniversary is today.. so today I am thankful for Blades.. and my marriage.. He is a wonderful husband, friend and father..
We got married in the Las Vegas LDS temple. weather was much like it is now... finally cooling off.. pictures were perfect... a bit windy..
blades hadnt seen my dress before he saw me in the temple...
my mom had sewn beads onto it.. ( it took her forever).. i wanted it beaded but not too much...
we shared the day with special friends and family.
we had a luncheon of yummy capriatti's sandwiches..
we had a ring ceremony at the church before the reception, so my father could walk me down the aisle...
we danced... kissed... and stayed at the Luxor that night..

8 years has gone so quickly. I can't imagine what the next 8 years will bring us...
I love you Blades!!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

lazy dayz

Day 8... Thankful for lazy days sometimes...

Camden has had a cough for the last few days. he woke up with a sore throat, so i didnt send him to school..
we had a lazy day... lots of cartoons, snacks, movies...
I am one that loves to go.. i love to just go to go.... but once in a while its nice just to hang out with no hair done... no makeup.. and just hang out for the day..
today was one of those days..
( although it's 4, and i'm bored!)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

bathed baby boys

Day 7.... today Im thankful for bathed kids

although this picture was taken probably two years ago... theres nothing like the smell and snuggles you get from two clean bathed kids..

the baby lotion, ( which i dont use any more) but did forever!!!

their wet hair across my face..

theres not a day that goes by ( except sometimes friday nights).. that my kids arent bathed..

maybe i should be worried about their dry skin from too much water exposure.. but for now..

they need a bath every night.. they are.. um... BOYS is the only word.. sweaty, dirty boys..

although they fight over who sits in the front.. is there even a front to the bathtub??

who gets out first.. who has to clean up the toys..

my boys are clean!
on a sidenote: i love to bathe too! everyday.. showering messes up my hair.. and a bath is much more fun!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Day 6...
We attended the temple to celebrate our anniversary. I cannot think of a better spot to be.. remembering that special day almost 8 years ago.... because we were married there... we will be a forever family... so after we die.. we will all be able to live together... which also means Kyndal is ours forever.. in the next life.. ( this one too.. she just left early) That alone brings peace to us. What a loving Heavenly Father who loves his children enough to make a way that we will have our families forever!

Friday, November 5, 2010

celebrate good times...

Day 5....
Today I am thankful for him... Blades... this boy that I married 8 years ago..
We are celebrating our anniversary (eighth) this weekend. ( actually on tue the 9th) Our outing will include: the temple, lunch, and who knows what else...
2010 July Yellowstone Lake

Nov 9, 2002.. our wedding day..

California somewhere.. at a mexican restraunt

April 2009.. at Tara and Eddies wedding in NC

Thursday, November 4, 2010

no need to laugh at my list

Day 4.. Today I'm thankful for :
1. The day is going by quickly and the kids arent fighting too much..
2. Oprah will be on in 10 minutes..
3. Volunteered in Camden's class today.. the kids are so cute.. and the teacher... I'm not sure how she does it all..
4. A husband at work.
5. Grey's Anatomy on tonight.
6. Ross, Target and Kohls.. i stopped by today before the kids had to be picked up from school. I bought camden a new pair of pants for school and a neighbors wedding gift..
7. The weekend to celebrate our anniversary... 8 years!
8. 2 clean toilets
9. a dusted front room
10. Toy story playing in the background.. what a clever movie..

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

east coast folk

Day 3... I am thankful for Blades' family... Although they live far away.. North Carolina and Virginia... we are able to stay connected through facebook and phonecalls. Blades' mother always remembers the kids... she is always sending them trinkets for the holidays... she is so thoughtful. Blades' dad loves his grandkids. We love every minute we spend with them.. especially when it is at the cottage in Kitty Hawk... the beach is beautiful.. and the company even better... We sure we wished we were closer to eachother... but the vacationing is great!
Eddie, Melanie, Blades and Tara ( blades' brother, sister and sister in law)
Grandad and Camden after catching a fish

Grandma reading them a story.. at the cottage.. all the cousins jammied up after a long day of play in the sand and sun

Blades' family...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

what boys are made of

the 2nd day of my thankful list includes these guys:
Camden at his back to school fair.. he ran off and found this creature.. that is a huge frog!
Case and his cute smile.. backward shirt and all


A house full of boys sometimes looks like this... all ready for battle.. church ties around their heads, amo loaded and lots of noise..
Camden ready for battle..

Blades and the boys

the hunt... dad was found!

Where could he be??

Camden found.. in the closet

The littlest battler... one of the cutest!
Today I am thankful for them.. they bring me lots of joy.. all three of these boys..
dirt, sweat, kisses, hugs... all of it I love.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A month to be THANKFUL!

So I figured I would write down every day something that I am thankful for.. since its almost Thanksgiving and all... ooh I can almost smell the turkey and fixin's now...

Today I'm thankful for healthy kids. Case last night woke up screaming in the middle of the night.( okay it was 9.. but he had been sleeping for a while) He had a fever and pulling at his ears.. I didnt have any tylenol in the house, so I called Layne.. of course she had some. ( blades says shes my pharmacy.. i'd have to agree).. After taking the tylenol, and sleeping in our bed.. kicking us all night.. he woke up fine. Blades gave him a blessing, and I know that helped. What a great dad... and husband to be able to bless our kids when they are sick. I didnt grow up with the priesthood in my home, so now it is great to have Blades right there to help when needed.