Sunday, October 23, 2011

SO not ready

We were getting ready for Camden's first sleep over during the weekend. We were going to go to the Fall festival for the kids' school that night.. kids had been anxiously awaiting the proper time to put on their costumes. Camden's wasnt quite ready yet.. ( a mummy with gauze that has be tacked to a shirt) so baseball uniform it was. I was helping him get ready, since Case had already gotten in his costume hours before.. first it was the pirate pants at noon, then the shirt by 2.. the party didnt start til 530, but that didnt stop this anxious pirate..
anyway back to Camden and his costume.. im helping him get his shirt off, and low and behold.. the kid is stinky.. not just sweaty after school smell, but actual underam nastyness.. I couldnt believe my nose. He didnt want to get in the shower, but then smelled his pits, and agreed..This kid is only 7.. I told him he must get in the shower and wash his goats ( thats what my uncle nick always used to call our armpits)... I said no one would know he had to take a quick shower.. I let him put on some of Blades' deodorant, and havent smelled a thing since.
The festival was a success, and so was his first sleep over.. with a friend that wasnt like a brother... Case kinda got in the way and he spent most of the night with my in my bed watching TV... max and ruby.. the most annoying nick cartoon ever..
Another thing im usually not ready for is the dentist, but im actually excited about the appointment and counting down the hours til i sit in the squishy chair.. Ive had the worst toothache ever.. ive been in some pain before with previous csections.. three of them, but the pain of this tooth doesnt compare. it comes and goes. Ive even gone diving in the old medicine to find pain pills.. ( no need to worry, im not hooked or need rehab just yet).. but they make me loopy. The kids' primary program was today, and had to take one before just to make sure I could make it through the three hours of church. I even conducted Relief Society, and didnt make too much of a fool of myself.
I've had to carry around an icepack and a dishtowel for my face. its the only thing that seems to help. So 8 am I will kiss that dentist.. rip the tooth out, i dont care at this point.
maybe its the drugs, but im actually looking forward to seeing the person i dread the most???