Saturday, February 28, 2009

TOO much

This week has been quite an interesting one.. and I just wanted to let some frustration out... after all.. this is my blog right??? After Camden nearly started our house on fire, it just got better from there. A little drama from a lost dog, a messy house and two sick kids.
Blades' car has been broken for the last 2 months, and it's finally fixed :) wohoo! I can actually go wherever whenever.. I got the truck hand waxed last week.. well everything is sticking to it.. since i paid more than i should have.. i called them this morning to ask if they would redo it..So I ventured out this morning thinking after the car wash..I would take the kids over to the mall to play on the outdoor playground at SanTan Mall. Well we stopped for a quick .99 cent lunch from Wendy's and figured hey Old Navy is right here. The kids need flip flops for our trip to the beach in a few months.. 2 for 5.00 what a great deal. My kids feet are so wide that I managed to find a great pair that looked wide for Case.. ( in the girls section.. shh don't tell Blades.. they are brown.. he will never know) Camden found a pair the boys section. I get up to the cashier, and they arent the right sale items.. Oh well. Im not searching anymore especially since Case at this point is already drawing attention to us by his vocal abilities.. He was being way too loud for no apparent reason... so 3.50 a piece still isnt bad.. Camden decides he will go outside and push the handicap open door button... He was good up to this point.. We have been trying to explain about stranger danger and how important it is to stay by mom and dad.. I decided everyone needed to go home and have naps... Camden all the way home is asking if we can go play at that play thing.. Um no.. maybe another day.. So here I am blogging instead of napping..
oh ya heres the icing on the cake ... ( a cake sounds good)
Camden in preschool next week is being spotlighted so I am asking him these questions at the computer.. about his favorite color, food etc...
It couldnt have been 5 minutes. I go down the hall to check on the laundry.. and the hall is soaking wet. I step into the bathroom and the rugs and every towel under the sink is soaked. Case must have turned on the water, and it didnt drain fast enough.. cause we had a flood in there. The drawer was full too.. Its just been quite the drama in our house for the last week.. Anyone else feel the same. how do i keep up with it all? kids, cleaning house, church activities? I am trying to enjoy the journey but its tough.. Im just having a pity party?? anyone else want to join?

Monday, February 23, 2009


I was trying to get some scout stuff printed off the computer this morning, and I went in to check on the kids in the kitchen. Camden comes running out.. like he had done something wrong.. I smell smoke.. I ask Camden to show me what he was messing with. There was a firestarter in the junk drawer.. and he had lit his handmade Valentine that he made for his parents. It was nicely placed in the trash on the top.. with half of it burned up.
Seriously Camden?? Our whole house could of started on fire. We had a chat about how that could ruin everything we have. He was really upset.. especially after the call that he had to make to his daddy to tell him what he had done..
Part of his punishment is no TV today. It's really harder for me, but so far so good. We've been to the park, played playdough and he keeps asking for TV. NOPE.. not gonna give in Cori.. stay strong.
The firestarter is now on top of the fridge far away from sight.. although both kids could reach it if they wanted. Are all kids this crazy?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

You've had a Birthday.. shout Horray!!!

Our Superbowl party.. Case blowing out the candles..

Fun times at Chuckie Cheese...about to dig in to the yummy cake
Case's first birthday cake.. 08

Our Case had his 2nd Birthday! The time has really gone by so quickly.We had a superbowl party and made him a football cake...poor kid is going to get a superbowl football party every year.. We went to Chuckie Cheese on his actual birthday and we had lots of fun...

Some of the things he loves about being a 2 year old:
his blankies
his brother

the outside.. the park

climbing on the stool to get into the pantry.. ( every 10 minutes)

sitting at the bar for breakfast with his brother.. no more high chair for him

bath time
learning new words..

he sings to American Idol

claps when we watch The Price is Right

Case 1 day old

Did I just really have another baby??

Family of 4... This picture really made me think wow.. we are now a family.. we of course were a family before.. but now we had 2 kids..
Not that Case is reading this.. but you are a wonderful son. You make our family complete. Happy Birthday Caser!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Camdens thoughts

Camden: Mommy, why do you get to eat your food in the living room?
Mommy: Because I'm a mommy
Camden: One day when I get big, I will be a daddy.. and then I can eat in the living room right?
Mommy: Yes, Camden..

Rules in our house is the food stays in the kitchen.. I guess I am not setting a good example..