Tuesday, May 25, 2010

oh you just wait !

So I have had 1700 pictures on my camera that I wanted to make sure were backed up before I deleted them off my camera. Everything from North Carolina last year, Kyndal, Christmas, Easter, and everyday stuff on there. Blades got me a external hard drive and now all the pictures are saved! Now I can delete the camera ones, and actually download quicker.. imagine that. So I can get back to blogging with pictures! So just wait.. they are coming!

But for now we have been up to:
-enjoying Spring.. I had the windows open for almost 3 days without turning on the AC.
-Camden has learned to skateboard. He catches on quickly, although it still makes me nervous!
-Case counts 1,2,3,6,8,18 and loves to play hide and seek
-Camden made his own bowl of ceral today.. while we layed in bed
-We bought plane tickets to go see my mom in Wyoming in June. Even Blades gets to come!
-I am getting ready for girls camp
-got in the hot tub tonight
That is about all in our world.. pictures to come soon I promise

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The most deserving couple ever!

A trip to Sedona Cori and Camie
A camping trip.. Camie teaching Camden about marshmellow guns.. a must

Blades, Case and Camie in Pinto, UT

First of all.. the most deserving couple isnt Camie and I... I couldnt find a picture of Camie and Neil togther... but check out their blog for their cute pictures :)

I have known Camie for many years.. We went to HS together.. attended seminary... had many of the same friends, but not really knew eachother that well..
Years after HS we met in a chat room on the internet. We figured out who eachother were and decided to hang out again.
We have spent lots of time together.. early mornings at the gym, 4th of July parties, camping with their family in Pinto, going to the Olympics (as spectators of course), scrapbooking, shopping, hair, card games,Superbowl parties, Survivor watching parties.. Sunday tacos. The list could go on and on.
Camie is a great friend, a special relationship that I cherish. She met Neil and I was so happy.. He was the nicest guy ever.
They have been there for us many times. Neil is always willing to play with my rowdy boys, take them to McDonalds to play. My kids still talk about Neil and Camie and when they came to visit us here in AZ.
When we lost Kyndal, they were here to support us for her funeral. They came all this way to be our friends and love us. I am thankful for that. As I sit here blogging my face and shirt are wet. They mean so much to us.
They are hoping to adopt a baby soon. We pray for them, and wanted to pass the word along to others. So if you are reading my blog, and know someone who is thinking about adoption, pass the word along. They are a wonderful couple who mean alot to our family.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You Happy Mom?

That was the first thing Case said to me as he was squeezed right up next to me in bed this morning. Grabbed me and asked " you happy mom ?".. I couldn't help but smile and say yes...
Thanks Case for making me Happy :)