Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our ( my) beverage choice!

One word... COKE!!
What can make anyone more happy than a ice cold cocacola?
Case says few words.. but one that comes out very clearly is Coke.. I don't blame the kid. The burning as it goes down is just one of its perks.
This morning, Camden came into the bathroom ( nothing is private anymore) with an open coke.. I tried to explain that it's only 7 am, and it's a little too early for coke. Although I felt tempted to take a swig, I had him put it back in the fridge. He even opened the top... What 4 year old knows how to do that?? It's hard for me sometimes, and I have opened plenty!
My favorite is a Sonic coke with lots of ice. Something about the styrofoam cup.. lots of great crushed ice, and Happy hour is a bonus!
So coke isnt the best thing to drink, but man it has a hold of me!
discloser**** the kids only get a swig if they are really thirsty, or my cup somehow gets out of my sight.. so no my kids don't drink coke just for fun!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sightseeing.. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and Okracoke

We decided to take an adventure and drive to Okracoke, an island that is about an hour and a half from where we were staying. We rode in a ferry with our cars and Camden loved the boat ride. Case was sleeping in the car. The beach was way warmer than the water we had been playing in for the last week. I guess the Gulf stream is really close to this island and thats what made it so warm. We didnt bring swimsuits for the kids, so Camden swam in his undies and loved it. It was way windy and the sand was beating on our legs... On our way there, we stopped to see a lighthouse in Currituck. Blades, Grandad and Camden climbed to the top while us girls waited for them to wave at us. There were 300 stairs. I opted out of that one with a smile. It was a fun adventure.
Blades and Camden on the ferry.
Enjoying the ocean breeze

the kids finding a hill to climb

ahh.. now this is warm!

I love his face in this picture. and his hair.. it was a bit windy!

Look at this seashell!

Blades and Cori

Camden getting a sliver out of his hand from the bridge. Case cheesing it up!

Currituck Lighthouse

the view from the top



Monday, May 18, 2009

Wedding Reception.. family and fun!

We had tons of fun at the wedding reception. Blades was one of the groomsmen, so he looked all handsome in his tuxedo. The boys had a great time dancing, eating the yummy food and running around. Camden stole the dance floor at the end with his DJ like scratching record skills. We were all cracking up.

Blades, Camden, Case and Cori
Case and Cake time!

Blades and Cori

Tara, Blades and Camden

Cori's mom Cynthia and Cori

Grandma and the boys

Eddie and Tara

This is a picture of all of blades' family. His two sisters were there with their 7 kids, Grandma, Grandpa and us. We all had a wonderful time.. staying up late chatting... the kids had a great time with their cousins and played nonstop. It was great to spend time together!

All the cousins on the beach.

fishin' with dad and grandpa

All three of these guys love to fish. Blades would take Camden right on the beach and throw the line in. Camden would love to reel it in. They mostly caught skates ( like a sting ray, but without the stinger). One time they caught a baby shark, and then another day they went to the pier to fish and got a catfish. They had fun!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sun.. Sand.. Skimboarding..part one of our trip!

I could eat this kid up.. He was dancing around in the sand..

Camden and Blades digging for sandfleas

Case building a sandcastle with his cousin Genna

The capture of the nasty sandflea

notice its only the boys holding these little critters.. Evan ( cousin)

This is one of Camdens favorite things to do. jump the waves with dads help.

We went to North Carolina for Eddie and Tara's ( blades' brother) wedding. We had an absolute wonderful vacation. My mom flew in the night before we left, and traveled with us. It was great to have both Grandmas.. twice the spoiling and kisses...I was really worried about the kids and how they would act on the plane. They were angels. I could of kissed them FOREVER!!!! I didnt care what happened the rest of the trip.. cause we got there.. without much drama. we almost missed our connecting flight in Atlanta.. but we made it... We spent the first few days in Elizabeth City where Blades grew up.. We stayed at his parents. We had a funeral for Blades' best friends little boy who was 6. We were so thankful to bet here for them. It was a beautiful service.. We helped Blades' mom get ready for the rehersal dinner food... lots of potato salad and I made texas sheet cakes. As soon as we got to the beach, Camden was in his swimtrunks and ready to jump in. The water was probably 50 degrees, but he didnt mind. He spent the next week plus in the water.. finding sand fleas with daddy ( a hard shelled bug that digs in the sand.. to find them.. you have to wait for the wave to go away and you dig dig dig...NASTY).. jumping waves with daddy.. fishing with daddy.. ( all these activities included getting in the water which mommy wasnt too willing to do.. my feet got in a few times) Case and Mom made sandcastles instead!

Camden and Jack in the water

checking out his boogie board

His first attempt .. man that had to be cold!

Oh how we miss you already!

We havent been home a week yet, but man do we miss the beach. We got spoiled by your warm sand, COLD water and endless fun. Here are just a few pictures.. way more to come..