Wednesday, August 15, 2012

day 5

we have made it to day 5 of back to school.. one whole week of newness...
backpack zippers are already broken... shoes are skuffed and they are bathing nightly.
The kids are doing great. Case is in kindergarten and is home almost before he leaves.. time goes by fast. he is gone for 4 hours, but it seems so fast. you would think i would have a spotless house.. dinner made and laundry caught up... but I wouldnt want to overwhelm myself...
Camden is in 2nd grade, and he loves his teacher. She said he is doing well.

backpacks are packed with homework folders that are already done for the night. water bottles are on the counter ready for a refill and shoes are laying out ready for feet tomorrow morning.
Carpool is great. I have it all week driving in the morning, so I atleast have to have my teeth brushed and some decent clothes on.. unlike non carpool days in which my friends see me in jammies and full bedhead..
tater tot casserole is in the oven and I am starting to smell it. blades is working late and we are looking forward to our cruise in 6 weeks.
the weather is a mere 95 out, so the kids are in the front yard.. id better go check on them and make sure they are ok...