Monday, September 29, 2008

"I've had a tough day.. mom"

We started our morning at the library with Rian, Chloe and Jake... Things were going normal in the whitehouse when Camden after taking an afternoon nap, came out and told me " mom.. I've had a tough day". I asked him "why?" and he said that" I just played alot and I'm having a tough day". I wanted to grab and kiss him.. it was too cute... I think maybe his preschool teacher asks the kids if they have tough days.. because I've never said that to him. The things he says sometimes just cracks me up... He has only gotten in trouble once at preschool and was told that he couldnt pick from the treasure box if he was naughty again that week. He was so excited when the next time came and he was good all day. He came out of preschool jumping in the carpool van.. telling Kalyn and Debra that he got to pick from the treasure box.. I wish I would of been there to see how proud of himself he was.

He dreams alot, and every morning comes in and tells us about his dream the night before. Last night he said he dreamed about a dog and rabbit.. and that the dog was " whooffing" at him. ( any of you that know me.. know that I have a woofer ( asthma inhaler) .. it was just too funny...

Case has croup, and they put him on some steroids to make sure it doesnt get any worse, and close off his throat.. The Dr warned us that he would be "naughty and wired." Those two words just don't sound that great together. It would effect his sleep and we would have a few rough nights.. Friday night, he was having a hard time breathing and going to sleep, so I just let him sleep in our bed, to make sure everything would be ok. We did'nt sleep at all that night, and the next morning I laid him down for a nap, and he woke up almost gasping for air. It FREAKED ME OUT!!!!! I called Blades and he came with me to the urgent care. I called a friend and asked her to watch Camden for a bit while we went. I was bawling on the phone.. Thanks Stephanie for understanding that I was a wreck! She asked me if I was ok.. and all i could get out was " I will be ok soon". Case is on the mend, and breathing much better. He is sleeping great, and yes he is naughty and wired. Blades text'd ( is that a word) at church saying that he had to put pads on the wall, cause Case was bouncing off of them.

So Camden.. Mommy's have tough days too.. Only two more days of the wiring meds, and we should be more back to normal around here!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Caser

I just did that fun post for your brothers birthday, and had some too cute pictures to share with our blog..and fellow blog readers

You crack us up little one!

Here are some of my tricks..
pointing to my nose.. not picking it!!!

Sonic is our friend.... we love Happy Hour!!
You love being outside... It's finally starting to cool off enough to be able to enjoy the outdoors again!

we went to the mall to play in the water.. you stopped for a snack of goldfish

Bath time is your favorite thing in the world!

I love to help mommy with the laundry

Visiting Grandma Dill in Wyoming. May 2008 The house behind you was your Grandpa Louis B. Welch. Your middle name is Louis, after him. He built this log home.Cowboy Case and his rope!

I love how you are looking at this horse.. I wonder what you are thinking

Two blog posts in one night.. I'm tired!

Our Birthday Boy..

September 21, 2004
You were born 4 years ago in Las Vegas. Weighing 9 lbs 6 oz. I remember laying on the operating table and hearing you cry for the first time and thinking.. wow I'm a mommy.. I am now responsible for this little bundle of blue..... Now 4 years later you are in preschool and a big sunbeam. You bring our family much joy. you are funny and kind.
We had lots of birthday celebrations this week. We had cupcakes at the park with your friends and took cupcakes to preschool today. I totally feel like a mom with a big kid.. taking birthday treats to class.. You got to go pick out what you wanted from birthday money and gift cards. You picked out a light saber and a red bean bag chair. We still have one more shopping trip planned. You love shopping.. I think you were a little confused on which day was actually your birthday, because we had so many little celebrations..

You love to blow out the candles on anyones cake, but your face lights up when we are singing to you. On your birthday, you wanted dad and I to sing happy birthday to you. We did, and you loved it. You have great friends, and we had a great birthday this year. It's fun to share the same birthday week with you.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cori's birthday

I had a wonderful birthday. Here are the highlights!
I got to lay in bed until 8:30
Blades made me breakfast... french toast, hashbrowns and bacon.
I had wonderful friends and family that called to wish me a special day.
Blades and I did sealings at the temple.
We went to lunch at Marie Calendars and had great food and pie!
I got to shop " kidfree" at Ross, and get some new clothes.
(thanks Rian for watching my kiddos)
Blades made homemade german chocolate cake... my favorite
I got a great new battery for my camera.. which was always going dead before!
Walked around Wal-mart with Case and just hung out.
I turned 31, and still can't believe that I was 30 last year. I still feel young, the years are just going faster and faster. Which means my kids are getting older too. Camden is turning 4 on Sunday, and we are having a little cupcake park party tomorrow which he is excited about.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baths and Bedtime

Bubble Boys!!!

The kids loved Grandma's new tub in Wyoming. It had jets.. and one morning I went in and the whole tub was full of bubbles and overflowing with bubbles all over the floor. Here's the funny part.. Grandma was in there too!!

Toothless Camden catching some zzzz's!

Case is a great sleeper. I saw his face all squished, and had to capture this moment! The picture below.. we were camping at Canyon Lake in our trailer, and he was worn out from a hard day of swimming and sun.

Falling asleep with daddy!!

There is something about a bathed kid.. and a sleeping kid.. these are a two of my favorite things...
I finally downloaded some pictures, and here are a few of my sleeping.. bathed kids...
Case would get in the bath any time of the day. If he hears the bath water running.. he runs to the bathroom and starts tugging on his clothes to get in.
Camden too would take 3 baths a day if we let him. Camden is the next michael phelps. that kid can hold his breath under the water forever. He always has to sit nearest the spout.. weirdo!
I usually get totally soaked and the floor always needs a mop after they get out. They both don't mind the water in their eyes when we wash their hair.. which makes it a bit easier. Can you smell the baby lotion and warm clean jammies?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Two Peas in a Pod

I was looking through some old pictures on my computer and found these of Camden. I thought they looked alot like Case does right now. Anyone else think the same???

I have tons more pictures to come. I have about 800 pictures on my camera that have to be downloaded.. thats my goal for the week.. I will post some more soon..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Where does the time go????

It feels like Case was just born, but that was 18 months ago. This is one of my favorite pictures, so I wanted to share it. Our boys are growing so fast. Camden started preschool a few weeks ago at Mrs. Bridget's and loves it. He brings home cute things everyday. He has some friends in the class, and loves to talk about them. She is also his Sunbeam teacher and loves her.
Camden loves:
Enchanted.. the movie.. ya too funny!
Milk.. anytime.. anywhere
reading books at bedtime
his blankie
going to the store and looking at toys
jumping on the "jumpoline"
forgetting the letter "d" in the alphabet song
teasing Case, but is a great big brother
to say his prayers
to go camping
playing hide and seek
Case loves:
to copy EVERYTHING Camden says or does
his blankie.. all three if he can get a hold of them ( the silky kind)
anything edible
to sign "more" and "drink"
bath time.. he would live in there if we would let him
dogs ( every animal is a daw)
nursery.. all the other kids cry and he runs in, finds a seat and waits for snack
to fold his arms for prayer time
his brother Camden
Just wanted to write a few things that they are into right now. This blogging is fun, but it is getting late.

I'm a blogger!

So.. this is all new, but have been looking at other peoples blogs forever. I recently got hooked up with Facebook, and blades said it was only a matter of time before I became a blog fan too. I said I didnt have the time to blog, but here we go! It might take a while before I can get the hang of it, but we will see!