Wednesday, November 9, 2011

becoming Mrs. White

3,285 days later and I am celebrating my 9th wedding anniversary..

I woke up to Case's sweet face inches from mine.. He was smiling, and who knows how long he was staring at me, just waiting for me to notice him there. He snuggled in our bed asking to watch TV before the sun was even up. Not yet Case, I said.. in a little bit.. he tried his hardest to be still, and before we knew it the garbage truck was even making noise in the street.. why they come at 6am Im not sure, but the truck next door thought it was too loud also, and began to scream by honking.

I went to wake Camden with a song hoping it would make for an easy awakening. I said mom and dad were married 9 years ago today... Its kinda like a birthday, but 9 years ago, we got married in the temple. His response... while focusing his still half closed eyes was... " oh.. so you got married on a Tuesday?".. It was actually a Saturday, and today is Wednesday.. oh he said..

I thought it was cute. :)

I kissed Blades as he went off to work.. Happy Anniversary babe...

We are celebrating at the Garden of Olives tonight...mmm i can already tell its gonna be some yummy food.. We were going to go somewhere new, but hey we love that place.. might as well go somewhere we know will enjoy

We exchanged our gifts last night.. I got him a large roasting pan ( romantic huh?) and some peanut m&m's.. which i havent seen since.. and he got me 2 books from Deseret Book.

My friend is watching the kiddos tonight while we go to dinner and maybe a movie.. or maybe some Christmas shopping. Who knows what the night will bring..

Nine years has flown by. In nine more we will have a 16 year old and a 14 year old.. now thats a scarey thought. We will be old"er" by then.

Blades is a wonderful husband. We love to people watch ( non judgementally of course) and can tell what the other one is thinking about the unsuspecting victim.

I cant wait for the rest of our lives to share together.. Happy Anniversary to us!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

SO not ready

We were getting ready for Camden's first sleep over during the weekend. We were going to go to the Fall festival for the kids' school that night.. kids had been anxiously awaiting the proper time to put on their costumes. Camden's wasnt quite ready yet.. ( a mummy with gauze that has be tacked to a shirt) so baseball uniform it was. I was helping him get ready, since Case had already gotten in his costume hours before.. first it was the pirate pants at noon, then the shirt by 2.. the party didnt start til 530, but that didnt stop this anxious pirate..
anyway back to Camden and his costume.. im helping him get his shirt off, and low and behold.. the kid is stinky.. not just sweaty after school smell, but actual underam nastyness.. I couldnt believe my nose. He didnt want to get in the shower, but then smelled his pits, and agreed..This kid is only 7.. I told him he must get in the shower and wash his goats ( thats what my uncle nick always used to call our armpits)... I said no one would know he had to take a quick shower.. I let him put on some of Blades' deodorant, and havent smelled a thing since.
The festival was a success, and so was his first sleep over.. with a friend that wasnt like a brother... Case kinda got in the way and he spent most of the night with my in my bed watching TV... max and ruby.. the most annoying nick cartoon ever..
Another thing im usually not ready for is the dentist, but im actually excited about the appointment and counting down the hours til i sit in the squishy chair.. Ive had the worst toothache ever.. ive been in some pain before with previous csections.. three of them, but the pain of this tooth doesnt compare. it comes and goes. Ive even gone diving in the old medicine to find pain pills.. ( no need to worry, im not hooked or need rehab just yet).. but they make me loopy. The kids' primary program was today, and had to take one before just to make sure I could make it through the three hours of church. I even conducted Relief Society, and didnt make too much of a fool of myself.
I've had to carry around an icepack and a dishtowel for my face. its the only thing that seems to help. So 8 am I will kiss that dentist.. rip the tooth out, i dont care at this point.
maybe its the drugs, but im actually looking forward to seeing the person i dread the most???

Sunday, September 25, 2011

who knew???

Saturday, we found ourselves at our local Sports Chalet.. I frequent the shopping center the store is in atleast weekly, but have never stepped foot in the store until Saturday.
Camden was in need of a yellow belt, socks, some grey baseball pants and a cup.. yes a cup for a 7 year olds. I didnt even know that was an option. Can they get hurt down there this young?
A few days before, after his first practice, I told him the stuff we needed to get. A cup he asked?
yes... your dad can tell you about that... but he was in the car behind us, and the anticipation of the mystery cup had to be explained.... both boys thought it was funny.
We are in the store searching for supports and barriers, when of course like any male subject chooses the biggest one. Blades and I got a kick out of it... we laughed, then looked at the other options. There was pee-wee too... but we got a step above that... they fit inside little undies that came in a package together.
The coach already warned us, that in baseball they will sit out in the field and mess with that area the whole time.. its just the game he said... great.. look what i get to look at... my kid adjusting himself.. that should make any mother proud right?

This baseball thing is new to us. Three practices next week.... when we signed him up, the lady said they didnt have a team mom yet ... hint hint... I didnt volunteer.. Its all too new to me.. Let me see how this works before I just in head first...

who knew 7 year olds needed cups...

Monday, September 19, 2011

why do i

worry about cleaning before a party which is on Friday... which will include 16 kids in a pool?
feel like laundry has to be going all the time?
not exercise more?
yell at my kids?
not figure out what is for dinner before dinner time?
not relax?
not play with my kids more? (as im blogging)

It's Monday, and must be a full moon. I had a good day until now. Im just irritated. A thousand things I feel like I have to get done, but really none of them matter.. cause Im just going to have to do them again later in the week.. I feel an early bedtime and hot bath for all involved would best fix my "issues".

Happy Monday all..

Friday, September 16, 2011

Call it what you want...

Bribery, encouraging, begging, advising...

This afternoon, we will be at the local pizza/token play place.

Camden has worked so hard to get 20 green cards at school. Which means not even once did he get in trouble. This is huge.. and a HUGE day to celebrate.

Yeah Camden!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

a weekend away

Labor Day weekend crept up on us, and realizing Camden didnt have school Monday meant.. LETS GET OUT OF THIS HEAT.. with the hottest August on record, we earned a weekend away to play... in the nicer parts of the state...

We went to Winslow the first night... poor little town is so not the happenin town it was probably 20 years ago... i think people go there for one reason.. "standing on the corner of Winslow Arizona"... a song by the Eagles.. well there is a corner set up and people take pictures of the corner...

The hotel had a pool, and the kids enjoyed swimming. We got the kids happy meals and we were going to get mexican food through a drive thru... the menu had us a bit worried, so we ended up with Subway.. much better choice..

We drove up to Flagstaff, where the weather was in the 80's... what a relief. There was an art in the park, so we stopped.. the kids played on the bounce houses, and we enjoyed the people watching.

We found another park to play at until it was time for the movies. We saw the Smurfs.. it was cute. We snuck in treats, and ate popcorn.

The hotel had a pool.. the kids and Blades went swimming and I snuck off to Target and Ross. didnt find much, but it was nice just to window shop..

We visited the train station, and another park, where Camden found some kids to play football with.

We had a great time just being away in the cooler weather. It was a perfect weekend.. Here are the pictures to prove it...

Have you seen enough? I didnt realize there were quite that many pictures.

The trip home was a trip...

what should of taken 3 hours took 5.. I guess everyone wanted away from the heat. Thankfully, the box of snacks and a nap from the kids held us through the bumper to bumper cars for 190 miles.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

goodbye old.. hello new

Camera that is... heres a few pictures from my new camera... a bit random..

while we were in Wyoming, my camera fell out of the case and broke.. I didnt realize a piece had come off until the next day. I went back looking for the piece and no luck... it was still workable, but not very convenient. ( blades swears i did it on purpose)

We got home to AZ, and while shopping at Costco, there was a great deal.. i talked blades into an early birthday present... i am happy with the purchase, and still learning about the settings and just uploaded my first bunch of pictures last night.. hense the blog return...

School's back

Case started his second year of preschool... at Stacie's house.....he loves it, and asks everyday if it is school day.. today he came home with a book they had made.. he was very proud of it... he asks if its show and tell too..

some of his classmates.. Case, Kade, Blake and Porter

These pictures are a bit backwards.... so we will start with after school...

Camden started first grade...

walking in from his first day..

an after school snack is a must

Case helped me make chocolate chip cookies for Camden.

our big FIRST grader.. all ready to go... lunch box and all ( sniff sniff)

1 for first

his attire.. uniforms are the way to go... no choices to be made, and cheap to keep up on.

we set all of his stuff out the night before so we would make sure it was ready... new shoes, socks, backpack...

glad to see the playground again..

standing in line about ready to head to class..

got my shoes tied tight....

we all got to drop him off the first day.. getting some fatherly advice

his friends. Chloe and Carlie.. they all were in the same class last year, but this year they are all in seperate classes... a great way to make new friends...

he has been in class for 1 month now, and is doing great. his handwriting is improving and he loves math. The teacher called one day and left a message saying she was just letting us know what a great student he was, and that he is nice to the other kids.. ( i thought the call was for me to come down there because he was in trouble)... We are off to a great start!!

if he gets 20 green cards ( for behavior) we will take him to chuckecheese... we are at 10 now... the second week he got 1 yellow, so we had to start over... it has been a huge incentive and so far so good... knock on wood...

his teacher is on maternity leave, and has had a sub for the whole time. It will be interesting to see what happens when the teacher comes back...