Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dear Target

Dear Target,
Every other time I have been to your store I love our trips. The popcorn and a coke ( that ends up spilling on your white floors).., bribing the kids with looking at the toys if they are good, the clearance racks.. but today I had a hard time venturing to the "back to school supply" aisle. (although they were great deals there)
The envelope and email came yesterday with the list of needed school supplies. You had most of the supplies on the list, but was I really buying school supplies for my own kid?
I can't believe it. My 5 year old will be starting school in 2 weeks.
We even found some new tennis shoes for him.( who set up that store.. shoes right when you walk in .. wierd)..
I am sure in 2 weeks I might need another trip to your store for myself.. some tissues.. that wasnt on the list, but I am sure they will be needed. Although I am happy that Camden is starting school ( he said he already knows math.. so maybe he doesnt need to go) I will miss him and so will Case. Case will be starting preschool the day after Camden starts.
So Thanks Target for your great selection in back to school supplies.. you always pull through!

Cori ( the one who's cart kept running over popcorn on your floors)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Giving my kids the BOOT

Boot camp that is.. Behavior Boot Camp...
Here's my thinking... if we could get this one problem solved.. our lives would be so much easier.. kids forget how.. or they choose not to and I'm DONE!
So today was the first day of our boot Camp.. so far so good.. They are sitting in timeouts if they choose not to listen and TV gets taken away for hours at a time. ( I feel more punished than them)
Our trip to Walmart was successful.. more than normal. They had to stay right by my cart.. and they could look at the toys if they were good. They got their reward.
Outings, church and everyday living would be a success if we could just get them to listen and respect what we are asking them..
Maybe its Grandma Detox.. all that spoiling and fun...but our "camping" has begun.

Camden at church invited his friends over for a party ( I had no clue he did this ) A waterballoon party... He invited those that knew where we lived.. One girl wasnt sure and he said.. " just have your mom call mine".. too funny Camden. He must take after his Mom.. I love to throw parties and have people over..
So Wednesday is our waterballoon party thanks to Camden and his hosting.. This is our bribe for the next few days...

Girls camp wasnt this hard :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On the Road again

First of all.. oh how I miss my blogging.. the stalking.. the posting.. everything about it..
I have been out of town visiting my mom in Wyoming for almost three weeks, and now in Vegas for a few days visiting my dad. We are heading home tomorrow night once the heat of the sun isnt beating down on our little yellow car..
I am excited to get home and sleep in my own bed. The boys were excellent on the planeride home which I worried about.. I promised them that if they were good on the plane.. once we got to Grandpas they could swim.. no matter what time of the night we got home.. They earned it :)
What fun times we have had though. I miss all of my AZ buddies but have had a great time with family and friends.
Lots happened since I left..
My mom got engaged to a wonderful man and is getting married in less than a month.
We had a great time in Yellowstone. Pics to come soon.. I promise.
I had a great time at girls camp and miss those girls and leaders..
Blades got to come to Wyoming for a week and it was fun. But we missed him once he had to get home to work.
The weather was nice to get out of.. Wyoming was perfect. cooled off at nights and perfect during the day. Vegas.. not so much. Weve been spending lots of time in the pool..
Tonight Grandpa and Grandma are babysitting while Blades and I go to the temple with Camie and Neil :).. should be lots of fun. Good luck to Grandpa and Grandma.. Thats it for now.. just wanted to post something and make sure my typing skills are up to the task of blogging.. so far so good!