Friday, June 26, 2009

Before and Now

So there have been a few requests for before and after pictures of Blades and his weight loss journey. So here ya go. They are backwards, so you get the now pictures first. We are so proud of him. He has lost over 110 lbs in 6 months. He can pretty much eat what he wants.. the only thing that isnt so good is bread and hamburger. We love you dear.. you look great!! It's been fun to see him be able to run around with the boys more.
Blades and Camden
Cori and Blades

May 09 North Carolina

Our family at Eddie and Tara's wedding

Wedding reception May 09

Blades and his boys

3 weeks after surgery, Blades had to get 5 blood transfusions, and spend 3 days in the ICU. He recovered well, but gave us all a scare!

Day of Surgery. Tijuana Mexico.. Dec 1, 2008

Case and Blades. April 08

Pumpkin time Oct 08

Jan 07

April 07

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The case of the missing blankie

Camden and Case with the legendary blanket!

Camden has been in love with this certain blanket ever since I can remember. It was yellow striped on one side, and green and brown teddy bears on the other. Flannel with yellow satin binding. This blanket has been everywhere, except in our house now. The binding has been fixed once by Grandma Dill, and he loved to find where the bindings met, to stick his finger into the "pocket".

About three weeks ago, we couldnt find the blanket. He usually just mentions it around nap time or bed time, but we just brushed it off saying we will look for it later and go on a treasure hunt. Well we have searched the house over, and cannot find it.

He was having a rough night about a week ago, and I was on the phone with my mom. He came in crying saying he just really wanted his blanket. My mom heard how upset he was, and talked to him for a few minutes. She said that she would make him a new one, with the satin binding. He was happier, and looked for it in the mail the very next day. I tried to explain that it would take her a few days to make it and then send it.

A few days later, we checked the mail and sure enough there was a package for Camden and Case. I couldnt believe how excited the kids were to have new blankets. Camden got to pick which one he wanted, and he chose the one with bears, camoflauge and grey satin binding. He just kept saying he was so excited and loved his new blankie. Later he said the other one was old and had germs on it because he put his mouth on it.

They are carting these new blankets everywhere despite that it is 108 out. At target the other day, Camden said mom, " I love you, but I love Grandma better." Guess I had better learn how to make a back up blankie. He said that he was going to give her a huge hug and kiss...

I am glad that small things make him happy, although it was a big deal for him. Thanks Grandma Dill.. you saved the day!

one more side note about this blanket.. camden about a month ago went in the backyard and broke our citrus tree.. in half ( it was small but still) so I got his blankie and cut a hole in it. Blades thought i was crazy. he was in the office listening to it all go down. Camden was really upset, and I sewed up the hole a few minutes later. Am i mean?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Family Picture time

This was quite the event. It was only about 90 degrees out, and figured it would be way worse as far as weather, but wanted to get some family pictures done. This first one is how we all felt.. and not sure how the kids made it out of there alive. They were ALL OVER THE PLACE.. but got some great pictures. WARNING... TONS OF PICTURES BELOW!!!!

I think this one is our favorite, as far as the whole family. Hope you liked taking a peek at the madness!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Camden's Preschool Graduation

Mason and Camden

getting his diploma and goodie cup

Tristan, Camden, Mason and Chloe

Camden and Chloe

Are these kids not the cutest??? It was raining that evening, so the graduation was about 10 minutes long, which was perfect for all. They sang a few cute songs they had learned, and each walked up to get thier diplomas, and a cup full of treats..

Camden really has enjoyed Miss Bridgett. He loved waking up every day and asking " is it school day?".

He had a great year. One more year of preschool, and off to kindergarden for this little man!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Half way

20 weeks today! The time has gone by fast, and the last half was the easy part I am afraid.. I was at the park this afternoon with the kids, and remembered that it was Tuesday.. and I was 20 weeks..
We got back from camping ( pictures to come soon) and I am so not camping again while I am pregnant. The ground, although cushy with sleepingbags and foam, was not cushy enough. Every part of my body hurt the next day. Case tossed and turned ALL night long and I thought the morning would never come.
I should be typing about what a great time we did.. so heres the rest of our trip..
Camden got to fish, Case ran around and ate roasted marshmallows, and we ate and had a great time. I even whooped Blades at rummy.
We wimped out the second night,( not only was it freezing, but it was raining too) and got a hotel room up the road. We left camp the way it was, and came back this morning to pack it up. The warm shower was heavenly, and the kids were oh so happy to get into the bathtub.
Anyway we are unpacked, and the laundry pile is overflowing, but wanted to write about the baby. I am just starting to feel her kick around, and it is a funny feeling. The whole pregnancy thing begins to feel more real once I feel kicking. We can't wait for her to be here, and know it will be here faster than we think. ( like the background.. it's pink)
My brother Michael and his wife just had their 3rd baby today. Austin.. It was great to hear that news. I wish we lived closer ( they are in Vegas) to kiss and smell the new baby.
I had a great afternoon with the kids. We are really trying to be more positive with them, and do more things with them. We played playdough, waterballoons, ball and went to the park today. I only let Camden watch 20 minutes of TV ( we are trying to cut back) and we played alot more. Potty training is in the cards for Case, and that seems like a great summer activity for me to attempt :)
The kids are in bed, and Blades and I are going to watch some TV ( I did'nt say anything about us cutting back!!)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

and the news.....

It's a GIRL!!!!!
We are super excited!
Camden said " but i wanted a brother"
(when he looked at the ultrasound pics.. he said are all those babies?? since there were 7 pictures)..
Thankfully just 1.. and a Sista!
I balled when the lady said.. you got your girl..
I couldnt be more happy. It made our day!
We went to celebrate by having breakfast.. just Blades and I.
I guess alot more Pink is going to be entering this house!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Blues or Pinks??? stay tuned!

I can probably count the number of pink things in this house. We do have one baby doll that all the girls find when they come to play..We have lots of blue though. What will be adding???
We find out tomorrow at 830 am what we are having... less than 12 hours. ( did you think I was going to tell you now???sorry) I am really getting excited. I just wrote in my journal about it, and realized its been almost 6 months since i wrote in it. I guess blogging has taken over my journal writing, but there is something about getting a pen, and writing in a journal that is fun.
I don't have to come up with a title, and whatever is written cannot be backspaced for typo's.

This is the most I have felt different than my other pregnancies.. although I have felt great.. a bit more nasea, although I didnt throw up.. and super tired..( is it because I have two boys to chase)?? Camden wants a baby boy and Case just tries to see where the baby is under my shirt...
Thankfully, Camden and Case both take naps and I take a nap too usually! They are great kids. We are looking forward to adding another whitebaby to our whitehouse!

We had family pictures done tonight. I can't wait to see them. Im hoping a few turned out. We were around ducks and water, and it was like a magnet for the kids. They about went in a few times. I thought it was going to be alot hotter out, but it wasnt too bad.. I thought we had better get them done before its way hotter. It's only going to get worse around here as far as temperature! It was difficult trying to keep them focused, but that's kids for ya I suppose. We were planning on bringing the kids to the ultrasound, but after a crazy night of family pics, Debra offered to watch them. THANKS DEBRA.. you are a lifesaver!! Blades and I will be able to enjoy the big news!
Stay tuned!