Monday, July 16, 2012

Let the Camping begin

Memorial Day Camping 2012

We went up near Payson and found a campsite. It was fun to be in the cooler weather. We even got to have a fire ( which most places were banned, but we were in a hosted campsite so it was safe)
We went down to a fish hatchery
fished in the stream ( not at the hatchery)
cooked yummy food
played ladder golf
went on walks
the boys found all sorts of bugs
tried to sleep through the beeping of the carbon monoxide alarms that went dead in the night.. you can only ignore so long before you think you may want to sleep somewhere else..
turned on the generator so we could watch a movie in the trailer
were happy to shower and bathe .. werent sure how long the water in the trailer would last.

 Camden waiting patiently for dad to bait the hook
 Case drawing in the trailer and Camden in the background resting
 ladder golf is serious business according to this picture
 one treasure found of many
 blades cooking us some dinner
 a victory dance
 blades fishing
 locust shells.. they kept trying to attach them to me.. ick
Case and Cori enjoying the scenery
our get up

When we got home we were watching the news and found out that a bear had been spotted and attacked a lady about 15 miles away from our campsite.. they shut the campsite down and looked for the bear for a few weeks with no luck. We were glad to have the trailer to be in...