Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Extra Extra.. read all about it

We've watched Newsies... the awesome Disney musicalish movie for the last few days. I must admit I dont mind when the boys want to watch it. I love singing along, and enjoy watching the boys dance so structured, yet it doesnt look weird for all these boys to be dancing. I guess its manly dancing. I then have the songs in my head all day.. sometimes Camden does too!
If you havent watched the movie, I would suggest it strongly.
Last night at dinner, Camden said " Mom thanks for cooking.. this looks great". I could of jumped over the counter and kissed that boy who has a hard time eating his dinner most nights. It was homemade chicken noodle soup. I told him that what he said made my heart happy. Our family home evening lesson was on saying nice things and how special that made me feel. Two nights in a row he has eaten his dinner. Case on the other hand has no problem finishing his food. I feel like we constantly have to fight with Camden to finish, or even start.. How many more bites he says... ??? So maybe we have come to a new chapter in our dinner events... or maybe not.. but for now momma is happy!
Blades is working 12 hour days all week. All the offices are doing it, and it should be interesting. I am finding the days are going pretty fast. Although its only Tuesday.. by Friday I might change my mind.
Thats all the fun thats happening around here. Just carpet cleaned some of the carpet that had a big stain and it looks as if it came out. wohoo! Dishes are done, laundry is done and the kids are about to go take a nap.. ( they don't know yet)...they are quietly watching some cartoon that is probably dementing thier minds while I blog... Happy Nappy!
One more thing.. this is pretty funny.. There is a Rascal Flats songs that talks about " when you play a country song backwards".. the kids love it.. they call it the fast song... and want to hear it each time we get in the car.... they know all the words and even pretend to play the violin during the bridge of the song... anyway in it.. it says they spell out the word... C...R..A...P.. ( cause you get all that stuff back when you play a country song backwards...) Camden always asks what that spells.. We just would tell him "fish" like carp...Well yesterday during a ride home from a much needed Coke run ( the fountain kind) He again asked what that spelled. ( preschool is teaching him lots.. he loves to spell and figure out what things sound like).. I said its fish.. He said Ccccccc.... Mom theres no " f" in it.. Dang he caught me.. I had to spill the beans... I explained that the word is crap... he said " Mom.. you've been lying to me the whole time?" we both laughed.. and now he knows the real way to spell crap... yeah for me..
We got two tubs of noise putty at the dollar section at Walmart... It makes farting noises and man are the kids loving it. Its pretty funny. We all got a great laugh at it. They are learning how to manuever the putty and tub just right to make the ideal sound.. Thanks walmart!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Whitehouse Christmas

So better late than never. We had a great Christmas and here are the pictures to prove it!
Camden the rockstar
A friend gave us this for Kyndal. We recieved lots of thoughtful ornaments from people.

Christmas Kisses

Camden, Cori and Case

Santa left bouncy balls..

a huge helicopter

Blades and Camden

Case checking out his stocking loot

All season long, Camden wanted a nerf gun from Santa.. Both him and Case got one..

Cori and the boys at temple lights

Blades and the boys at temple lights

Case and Camden a few days before Christmas.. ready for church.. are they not the cutest??

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Case turns 3.. picture time

Case had a wonderful birthday. We went to McDonalds for a happy meal, bowling with the Tanners..and then had a party the next day at the park. Way easy.. no messy cleanup at my house.. and all the kids had a great time at the park. His birthday was Friday, and when Grandma's called and sang to him, he acted like he was blowing out the candles over the phone. it was too cute!
Bowling fun..
Case and Blades rolling the ball

This is one of my favorite pictures. He ran off where no one was to sit and open this truck..

How excited he was makes me happy.

ooohh.. whats inside?

As soon as people got there with gifts, he wanted to open them right away. We convinced him to wait a while... he had waited long enough..

Camden, Debra, Tyler and Mason

Nathan, Case and Chloe.. He was so happy to blow out the candles. Icecream cone cupcakes

Happy Birthday Case. We can't believe you are 3.. We love you!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Joys of Boys

Dirty little feet after playing football at the park grass...
grass stains on their pants
trying to do jumping jacks ( i tried.. and today im sore.. how sad)
Thinking their shirts are napkins.
Their bed head hair when they wake up
Superhero Jammies
helping daddy do anything that involves a tool
them missing me when I am gone
Hotwheels.. I swear we have 75 of them
the clean smell when they get out of the bath
they are great helpers
I've been trying to laugh at the little things that they do. Case spilled unpopped popcorn the other day all in the pantry.. and it didnt bug me.. we just cleaned it up.. This is huge for me. I usually get mad or frustrated, but we just cleaned it up together. So yes Im patting myself on the back.. I can do that every now and then! ( we are still finding kernels)