Monday, February 27, 2012

have you ever???

have you ever....

started cleaning and room, and didnt realize how dusty and dirty it really was??
( we cleaned out our office and dejunked everything. it must be a room that usually gets overlooked... because it was nasty.we got a new computer, so it was a must.) Now my room is next.

let your child stay home from school because you didnt want to wake up?
( that'd be me this morning. camden came in saying his throat hurt.. ok.. you dont need to go to school. I should of talked him into going cause he will have double the homework tomorrow, but it was nice not to have to rush around this morning... until the house alarm was going off and i jumped out of bed to turn it off, and went out of my room, to see the light of the sun coming from the front door. I quickly turned around to get on some decent clothes. the girl i babysitt came early. talk about frazzled. Thankfully the dad stayed on the porch til I got all a mess)

cut pickles and onions?... my whole house smells like them now... and my hands.. ick

been more excited about a trip than your kids? ( we are heading to the happiest place on earth in a little over a week... thats all we talk about, dream about and google)

felt guilty about leaving your kids to go on a cruise for 7 days to celebrate our ten year anniversary... ( NOT ME... Atleast not yet... we are going in September.)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just us

The dang smart phone has me spending most of my time on it, and not the computer.. which means I am not blogging our computer is getting old. We got it the year we were married, and that was 10 years ago. Needless to say we are in store for a new one.. in the next few weeks, which means this pile of bills, and our non filing system is going to get a makeover.

Case lost a tooth last night on Valentines. Ive never seen a kid want his dad to pull their tooth out, but Case did. he couldnt wait for dad to get home to yank it. The tooth fairy came leaving two .50 pieces and one quarter. He brought the treasure to our bed in the middle of the night to show us, and then snuck into bed with us.

Camden started baseball practice again. It feels like we just ended last season, but we are looking forward to it again. After practice, coach asked if anyone was opposed to practicing on Sunday besides us ( and pointing to us) I happily raised a hand grateful that he knew our standards.
There are 6 other days to play baseball. It was a nice family home evening lesson on standing up for the right, and making good choices. I reminded him ( myself being in disbelief) that he will be baptized this year, and he will get to make his own choices.
Camden was learning about Abraham Lincoln in class, and I couldnt believe how much he taught me about the 16th president with the big hat (that he would keep newspapers in), how tall he was and how he was shot.. The details were great. I am grateful that he goes to a great school that teaches about great former presidents and history.

We are planning a trip to Disneyland over Spring break. We cant wait!
Weve been spending alot of time at the park. The weather is perfect and I am happy when the sun warms my legs as the kids swing, dig and come home dirty.
I am working on saying "yes" more, instead of no when they want to do things. As long as chores and homework are done, we live outside. Thank you Arizona for your wonderful weather. In three months I may be cursing you, but for now you are beautiful!

I still have to blog about Halloween and Christmas, but I dont want to overwhelm ya!