Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun in July

So the heat of arizona is making us all a little nutty! These are a few of the things we have been doing to keep busy.. We really dont leave the house unless it is necessary cause its just awful out there! The kids in their undies wanting to take a silly picture and look at it.. if they only knew it used to take us years before we would see our pictures. now its instant!
Case checking out his new undies. He is doing so well with his potty training. As I was uploading pictures, he ran to the potty without me even asking. He is a super easy kid!!! He thinks he is pretty cool he can potty like Camden now. Ive caught them peeing together.. too funny!

just too cute not to share. Undie boys

Camden and his sling..

trying to stay cool in the backyard. They snuck out there in their clothes and got in the pool. little terds!

Camden cheesin' it up

Case watching toy story and holding the woody doll!!

the boys

Case helping me do the chores..

Cheers to a great snowcone!!

Look at this Grand Ol Flag.. It took everyone there to hold it up. We sang a patriotic song, and the kids thought it was neat to go under! Camden doing his part and holding up the flag.

Jojo and Case under the flag
Case hanging on tight

This flag was huge!

For our ward party, they did a bike parade for the kids, a slip and slide, snowcones and an apple pie bake off.. Blades' pie won for best crust.. ( although that was the part I helped with) It was really hot, and this is the day Camden broke his collarbone, but it was fun. We could eat snowcones everyday and be happy!!! Case ready to take his ride..

Jojo.. Camdens best friend had spent the night, so he came with us

Camden all ready to ride!

Blades taking Case around the path!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I have been trying to pay more attention to the small things that make me smile.. here are a few of them:
when my kids first wake up and their wild hair
the hugs they give when its bed time
how they fight over who is going to say the prayer
when they are kind to eachother
when they make sure their brother has one too ( sucker or whatever)
air conditioning
Blades' employment
text messaging
seeing the coolest cloud yesterday and asking Camden what he thought it looked like.. we both guessed aligator ... he thought it was so cool
Case is talking more and more
finding Camdens blankie
ice cold whatever coke, pepsi.. water
when the baby kicks
when the kids get out of the bath.. they smell so good
baking.. even in the heat
a great haircut
a grocery store that is close
a car that works
a clean bathtub
smell of laundy (clean)
nap time
bejewled on blades' palm pilot
a great husband
clean kitchen
playhouse disney ( camden loves it)
camden telling me he loves me 25 times a day
case blowing kisses from bed
case wanting to help me carry the laundry baskets

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Whitehouse Detectives and a broken collarbone

So a few posts ago, I mentioned Camden and his lost blankie. Grandma made him a new one and he has loved it. Tonight, I came in the office to fix the antique suitcases that sit in here, cause they were out of place, and Cases' blanket was in there. I thought this is wierd.. I pulled his out, and sure enough.. there is Camdens. Case was the culprit.. Its been missing for probably a month. I thought it had gotten thrown away, or left somewhere. Camden had been asleep for about an hour when I found it, so I had to go in there and show him, I was so excited. It took him a minute to realize what it was, but he had a huge smile on his face.." my blankie"...
Case of the missing blanket SOLVED.. thanks to Case :)
( shouldnt the law and order song be playing)

Saturday was the ward party at the park which included a bike parade and a slip and slide. After about an hour and a half of being there, Camden came to me crying saying someone tripped over him. I just gave him a little hug, and he was on his way. Some friends took him home, so Blades and I could finish cleaning up, and when we went to pick him up, he had an icepack on his arm.. and was really complaining about it. Camden doesnt complain much, so we all figured it was something more than just someone tripping on him.
Saturday and Sunday we made sure he had a good dose of Tylenol and iced it. He kept holding it into his body and favoring the other arm. My cousin Guy is a Physical Therapist in Chandler, so we called him. He said to bring him in on Monday morning. After looking at him for a few minutes, he found what it was.. a broken clavicle.. (collarbone)..
Poor kid.. and the real stinker is there is nothing that can be done for it. I got him a sling, and it will take a few weeks to a month..for it to heal. He is supposed to be careful with it, and no jumping and swimming. ( doesnt that sound like something Camden will remember)It looks like we will be taking it easy here at our place for a while. Swimming was our fun thing to do in this 113 heat, but we can just get in the bath or something instead.
I took a cute picture of him, and will post later.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Baby Belly

I figured since I am 24 weeks along, a pregnancy picture was due. I just pulled out my maternity clothes, and alot of them are too hot for the summer, so stretchy tshirts and comfy capris are a must! I have felt really great, when we stay indoors. Our AC went out last week, and waiting for the repair man felt like an eternity. Thankfully it is all fixed, and we are cooled off! We are super excited that our baby is a girl this time. It's hard to imagine that in 15 weeks we will have a baby. Time is flying!

4th of July

We just laid low on the 4th. Blades worked, and when he got home we had a few friends over. Both of their spouses were out of town, so there were just a few of us. We had a BBQ and ate apple pie. The kids couldnt wait to pop their pop its ( the kind that snap when you throw them on the ground) and see the fireworks. We loaded up around 8:30 to go park in the fields and look at the fireworks from a farm that has a huge show. It was fun, but the mosquitos about ate us up. It was kinda hot, so we kept the truck running with the AC on, and just watched from the back of our truck. It was fun to see how excited the kids were about the fireworks. We had gotten some of those glow in the dark necklaces, and those were a hit too!!

Red Hot Mess

So this afternoon I was making some lunch and Blades was paying bills. We kindly asked the kids if they would go into their rooms to play. Case's room doesnt have a full closet, so we use it for food storage. Thanks to my couponing, I had plenty of great deals hiding in there. Including this free bottle of Franks Red Hot Sauce. Camden peeks around to corner, to say Mom come see what Case did...
We went back there to find this mess.. Case was hiding in his closet....It looked like someone had been badly hurt and should of been laying in this pool of hotsauce. We didnt know where to begin, so the kids got a nice little swat and shown to the time out chairs. They stayed there until the mess was cleaned up. Atleast 45 minutes. The carpet cleaner did a superb job, and it no longer smells like a hot wing in Case's room.
Just thought I'd share the fun. Maybe I need to move that food to a higher location, although I am sure they would find it.
( come to find out it was Camden who was knocking two of these bottles together and they broke)
I love my kids, but seriously?? such a big mess out of two small children.. just venting!!!