Friday, June 18, 2010

Three Peas in a Pod

Just remembering how much our kiddos look alike.. What do you think? They are definitley coming from the same gene pool!

We couldn't ask for cuter kids..

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Camp'd OUT

First of all I'm pooped! WOW.. what memories were made, remembered and will be cherished.
We had a wonderful time. The girls.. each one of them were very well behaved and so sweet. Lots of activities, testimonies, Sacrament meeting, Battle of the Bands lip sync.. great leaders that I got to know better.

I told the girls when I was at girls camp, we had no showers, no flushing toilets and we were not cute at all.. These girls looked like they were at home. Cute as ever.. every day.. good thing I packed some makeup..
I was happy about the showers and toilets that worked to perfection!

I missed my boys alot. Thankfully, we had great friends that helped take care of them while Blades worked. I felt reenergized when I got home. I felt close to Kyndal.. maybe she was watching over us making her own camp memories too!

Blades' birthday was on Saturday, and some good friends invited him over for birthday dinner and cake!! How sweet.. Thanks Acuna's!!

Now we are off to pack for our month long adventure in the great state of WYOMING. Blades gets to stay for a week, then I will stay for 2 or 3 more.. then I will probably fly back to Vegas and see my dad.. and Blades will pick us up there!..

How am I going to fit all of our stuff into carry-ons? I'd better get started!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Jolly Rancher

Blades ran in to get the mail from the office the other day, and came back with 4 watermelon jolly rancher candies. Talk about a flashback of memories.. I havent had one of those for years... like atleast 5.
Camden commented that they were kinda sour. Case didnt mind and they were even quiet for a few moments.
With girls camp in a few days, I couldnt help but remember bringing those jolly ranchers and werthers. It was a staple. It should of been printed on the "what to bring to camp" list. They were a perfect size, flavor, and Im pretty sure we fought over them.
I am excited to go to Girls Camp. I leave on Friday and will be back on Tuesday. I am kind of worried about leaving for that long without any kids or hubster.
Yesterday I packed, and tonight we are finishing up last minute "fluff" for camp at mutual.. The Dollar Tree is a stop on my list to purchase some Jolly ranchers and a few other finds. One just opened by our house and this is huge. I think it might of even made the news... ( or facebook news)
The week after I get home, we are heading to Wyoming to visit Grandma. We found tickets for a really great price and we couldnt be more excited. With no return ticket purchased except for Blades... Grandma might be rethinking her offer of " stay as long as you want". With the excessive heat warnings in the Phoenix area, we might be there for a while. We are going to explore that beautiful state. Blades has never been, so I am excited for him to see Yellowstone.
Blades' birthday is on Saturday while I am at camp.. Should I feel guilty?? Cause I am not feeling it right now. I think we will celebrate tomorrow by finding a movie theater and some buttery popcorn in the Air Conditioned, sticky floored, summer must...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Even when...

They sometimes act like animals...
Camden holding a kitty at our cousins car wash
Caser squeezing the poor kitty

they act like monkeys

they sometimes don't pose for the camera the proper way

are goofy..

Matching trunks at the hotel in Williams AZ
These two boys are the cutest around!

Check out these wheels

This is what the boys have been up to lately. Begging to go outside constantly to ride bikes, skateboards and rollerskates. Our neighbor let Camden borrow their skateboard and I thought Camden would break his neck within minutes, but he caught right on and loves it. I found him his own skateboard at the Goodwill for 5.00. What a bargain! Another neighbor let Camden borrow rollerskates. Those are still questionable about the neck breaking.. Those make me nervous.