Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Momma Boys

Since neither of my boys look like me.. I thought it would be fun to call them mommas boys just because.. the other night I ran to the store.. when I came home.. Blades said that Case was looking all over the house for me.. I guess I tried to sneak out so there wouldnt be any goodbye issues..I guess they do notice when I am gone. We took a few pictures before church the other day.. and had to share them..

Camden and his new CTR ring

Mommy has a CTR ring too!

Camden was so excited that he got a CTR ( choose the right) ring from primary... All week long he talked about choosing the right.. even when he was being a little naughty!

Batter up!

So the title of this post sounds like baseball.. Any of you that know our family know that Camden loves baseball.. recently we bought him some new plastic balls.. they are all over the neighbors yards.. I'm sure we will be the neighbor kids that are constantly knocking on doors asking for their toys back...

Well Case likes to play baseball too.. but he also likes this kind of batter....

anything that I bake.. Case loves to be the tester..


New Years Eve

Case eating some chocolate
The Whites.. waiting to ring in the new year

Camden shoving the smore into his mouth

Case watching the fire and enjoying a smore

We spent New Years Eve with the Larsens having yummy chinese food and having a firepit in the backyard with smores for dessert. Here are a few pictures of our evening. We made it home just in time to get our jammies on.. but the kids to bed and kiss eachother goodnight.. No big partying for us anymore !

White boys CAN jump!

Case really concentrating.. check out that tounge

Both Camden and Case love the trampoline. It is wearing out fast due to the heat and sun of AZ, but we have enjoyed it. It is nice when the weather is perfect to open up the back door, and send them to play in the backyard..

Monday, January 19, 2009

missing internet land

so our internet and computer are both not working. im at a friends checking email, blogs and facebook.. I will be back soon.. I HOPE...
but you wouldnt believe how clean my house is.. and ive even written in my journal.. watch out .. maybe this internet time out was needed

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Time flies.. this is 6 weeks after Camden was born..... 4 plus years ago

The first week of 09 is almost gone, so I figured I had better get on the ball and get a few thoughts written down.. goals.. ideas.. not really resolutions because I think we all forget about them come February anyway...

I am going to :

write in my journal..

write in my kids' journals for them

be happy

take time for me each day

appreciate blades more

enjoy my boys

try new recipies

pray more

spend more time with friends

let the sunshine in


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mom... Dad... It's Christmas!!!!

Santa brought Camden a "biggest bike" with no training wheels
We always have the kids lay in the wrapping paper and take a picture
Daddy and Case
Case sporting his candy necklace and new Mr. Potato Head
Camden helping pass out the gifts
Case, Mommy and Camden.. gotta love Christmas morning pictures
the boys checking out their stockings
Christmas PJ's
The kids on Santas lap... on Christmas Eve

After Camden had sung his little heart out trying his hardest to get to bed... Santa finally made it to our house and we had a great day together as a family. The kids didn't wake up til about 8:15 ( im sure that will never happen again).. and we had made a little bed in our room for Camden so we could make sure we were up when he saw his gifts.. He jumped out of the bed and yelled... Mom... Dad.. it's Christmas!! It was so cute. His eyes were all wide and he was so excited. We went and woke up Case.. and then proceeded to pass out gifts.. We had the Larsens over for steak, crab,shrimp and alot of great food..What a wonderful year we had. We feel so blessed to have Blades well.