Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back to Blogging

I've been a slacker.. Im not sure what it is.. Is blogging not what it used to be? If things have changed, I will be sad. I love blogstalking others.. just failed to keep up with my duties as a fellow blogger.

Summer is in full swing around our house. We are sleeping in, staying up late and sleeping in places other than our beds.. ( the kids atleast )... sharing beds, sleeping in the office.. watching movies, cartoons and swimming all hours of the day. The sun is beating us up..and swimming cools us off quickly.

I was feeling like the kiddos were watching too much TV and today something got in their little imaginations, and they played all day... ( until now)... They did a puppet show with legos, wrote their own story for the puppet show.. started hunting for vampires in their proper vampire hunting outfits.. which consisted of camoflauge, belts, sunglasses and a box to search for clues.
They didnt have any luck finding vampires, so they switched to super heros. Case was Camden's sidekick... They shot at imaginary villians ( such a boy word) and kept switching thier hero name...
Camden's final attire turned to cowboy.. belt, gun, hat tucked in shirt and jeans... yes its 110 degrees out and he has jeans on.. ( long sleeved ones.. he calls them).. I had to run to walmart and he had his cute outfit on and his hat almost blew away. He chased it in the parking lot once. He even toughed it out with his pose.. looked very cowboyish..

We had some friends over to swim and camden had to go inside once he was dried off to show them his outfits...

It's been a great day.. just when I thought there was no hope for my tv prone children.. yes its my fault.... but i feel like a better parent today..