Sunday, August 23, 2009


With Blades being out of town, I debated going to Sacrament meeting or just going the last two hours so I didnt have to do any crazy wrestling moves with Camden and Case.
Usually I pack tricks, toys, treats and anything else that can fit into my bag to keep them entertained at church.. and still the hour never seems to be over with..
I had layed the kids down to take a quick nap, but they kept coming out, so I figured why not.. ill just get ready and go to church. Its only two kids. I can do it..

The kids were very well behaved. We sat in the back on the hard metal chairs, so theres plenty of room for running, slipping in and out of the chairs, kicking or touching butts in front of us. Even with all of these odds stacked against us, they were pretty well behaved. Either I was not paying attention, or they really were good.

So today was the exception. Thanks kids.. YOU ROCK!

sidenote: I took dinner/lunch over to my neighbor while the kids were "taking a nap"..
I was only over there for about 5 minutes. Came back inside quietly and Camden was crying saying he was looking all over for me, and that he thought I left. I felt really bad.. not only is dad gone, but mom slipped out too!
Case last night woke up and came to my room. A pile of laundry was on our bed, and he thought it was "da". (dad) Also coming home from a baby shower, Case was looking for Da when i came in too..
We miss Blades and cant wait for him to be home tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

and the number of the day....30

We were watching Sesame Street this morning before Camden went to preschool, and good ol' Count Dracula was on his organ keyboard looking for the number of the day. The kids got a kick out of it..
My number of the day is 30...
30 weeks.. 9 to go.. Time is flying by.
( confetti flying)
Heres what we have been up to:
Blades is leaving tomorrow for North Carolina to do some fishing with his dad, and visit his family for the weekend. He is looking forward to the trip. Since I got to go and visit my mom last month, its his turn now. Wish I could put my swollen feet into the sandy cool water, but just propping them up will have to do.
Camden loves preschool and is learning lots.
Case and I went to the grocery store while Camden was in preschool, minus one thing.. a DIAPER for Case.. yeah he did really well too! We have had a few accidents since then, but we are working on it.
my kids still nap, so that means I can nap too!
Nesting has set in.. I have all these ideas of things that need to be done before the baby comes
I had siatic nerve issues with all of my pregnancies, but this one hurts early on and alot. My whole right leg feels numb and hurts if I have been doing too much of the above.. My ankles look like an old lady and only certain shoes fit.
Thats about it for now. The weather is still hot for outdoor activities, and mostly what we do inside is movies and TV.. the kids like to do those activities in their undies, so no picture updates.. sorry all! ( plus my camera battery is dead)

Friday, August 7, 2009

ahhh... the relief

So I was out running errands with the kids this afternoon.. took them to McDonalds to play and then was driving home and thought.. hey why not stop them at the park to run some energy out too... The temperature gauge in the truck said 86... It felt heavenly. There was even a breeze.
I love AZ, but the heat is too much sometimes. so today Im thankful for 86 lovely degrees of desert goodness!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cori's Wyoming Vacation

I was able to go and visit my mom in Wyoming. I had never left the kids or Blades for 5 days..My brother and his family happened to be planning on being there that weekend too, so it was perfect. I got to see their new baby Austin and spend time with the whole family. I wondered what it would be like, ... no kids.. no bathtimes.. no fixing kid plates.. it was WONDERFUL!! Cowley, the town my mom is from and lives now has a big pioneer celebration the 24th of July, so we got to do all kinds of things. The town has 500 people in it, but for Cowleys day.. everyone comes back. I saw lots of aunts, uncles and cousins. My mom was in charge of the talent show one night, so we kept really busy preparing for that. We went on a picnic to the lake, rode the 4 wheeler, and had a suprise birthday party for my mom.. She and Michael had been out riding the 4 wheeler when they came back to head to my aunts house for a family dinner ( or so my mom thought) I kindly asked my mom if she was going to change her clothes?... um No was her response.. Well maybe you should put on a little lipstick. She ended up doing both, and was surprised when we got to my Aunts and there was tons of cars there.We figured there was 90 of us there... I would of never heard the end of it if i didnt talk her into changing her clothes or putting on a little lipstick. I missed Blades and the boys, but the time away way was great. It was fun to hear their voices, and they were so cute at the airport. It was fun to see them all again. My house was spotless when I got back. Thanks Blades.. youre making me look bad :)
Michael, Cynthia and Cori
Cousins, Aunts and Uncles

Cori and Heather

Kyla and Jacob on my Grandmothers swing, that we all used to swing on

Pretty surroundings at our picnic.

Billings, MT temple. We drove by

The Reese's. I served in the Primary with her in Vegas. They now live in Billings. We met for breakfast. It was nice to see them all again.