Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Two blind mice

This is what my Caser decided to do with the stickers that the nice man gave to us on our way out of Walmart.. Camden wanted to join in the fun and they both sacraficed their eyelashes for this cute picture! A few guys commented as they nearly got hit by oncoming traffic and the big brick pillar outside the store. If you arent sure what this is.. it's called FUN in Queen Creek!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Motivation.. why have you left me?

Dear Motivation,
I miss you. We used to get so much accomplished in one day. Now you just come and go.. more often go...Naps have taken your place. Please come back soon..
Think of all the fun we could have... exercise... clean blinds, clean windows...
Hopefully you return soon.. I've got company coming!
Missing you

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bad Mom at Red Robin

So we are at Red Robin the other night with the kids. We had put our name on the waiting list and attempted to entertain the kids with the 3 choices of video games.. A racecar one, a crane machine and some sort of ball up the mountain game. If you won that one, they gave you a piece of candy... All without putting one quarter in any of these machines, the kids seemed to be happy. The kids noticed a left over prize in the candy one. They were excited to find such a treasure.. They pulled it out and attempted to eat it. The prize door slammed shut and out falls yet another piece of candy. Sweet I thought. We kept opening and closing this contraption many times. Each time a brightly colored cavity making ball fell. After they ate one and put about 6 in my purse, we looked for someone to share our new discovery with. Other kids came over and sure enough I said.. Hey watch this... They looked curious and excited as we were. After gathering their loot... they went to their dad and said hey look..
His words were to his kids... " So you are stealing candy?"..
I then felt really stupid that I had taught not only my own kids this trick, but shared it with some unsuspecting theives.
Did I just really teach them to steal? Wasnt it a malfunction.. Doesnt that count as an accident?
or luck?
Just found the balls rolling around in my purse and enjoying one now.. A hard outer shell and soft powder substance inside. All but one ended up in the trash. My kids must of forgotten about them. I hope I don't choke on the yellow ball of sourness :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter flashback

Boys all ready for church.. just hours later Camden broke his tooth out :(
Camden checking out the candy inside his basket..

Case 's head is about to fall off.. way to go Easter bunny. They look so little...

Camden trying to open a tootsie roll..

Just thought it would be fun to add a picture of the kids a few Easters ago.. This is the year Camden busted out his tooth and has been missing ever since. We are looking forward to dying Easter eggs tomorrow and all the fun that comes with Spring time. The kids are excited about finding eggs and I can't wait to watch General Conference and just hang out. We went to the Easter pagent at the temple last night and enjoyed the message of the Resurrection.. The turkey has been bought for our family dinner and looking forward to some yummy food! Happy Easter to all of you!!!