Thursday, January 10, 2013

These two..

make me happy to be a momma
brighten my day
make me laugh
make me cry
give the best hugs
tell jokes like a pro ( they think they are really funny)
are so smart
fight, but still love eachother.. im sure of it
are handsome
are growing up too quickly
make me crazy and say not so nice motherly things to them

Monday, January 7, 2013

a new year

So somewhere in 2012, i started to lack in the blogging department. maybe its facebook or instagram or whatever, but im gonna be better... just you wait and see...
( youll have to wait for pictures too.. they are on my camera from our trip to North Carolina over the Holidays, and maybe I will download them tomorrow)

Something about a new year...

new manuals at church
the kids get new primary teachers
the calendar is clean
time to think about family goals ( we are gonna read the book of mormon.. one chapter or more a day
remembering to write the date right
cases birthday right around the corner
kids go back to school after holiday break

we had a wonderful time spending with family over the Holidays. We have never spent Christmas there, and 10 years being married... it was time. More details to come.

I was in bed at 9:30 EST ( which is really 7:30  in AZ) on New years eve... no big parties, no sparkling cider.. i had an allergic reaction around dogs and cats, and i had chugged on the kids' benadryl so i could once again see out of my two eyes.

So check back.. I promise to update more often...