Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Day

Christmas Eve Day we were going to take the kids to the movie.. and they were closed.. Guess thats what happens when you go to the $2.00 theater.. Camden couldnt understand why they were closed, but we went inside the mall.. ( ya I thought we were crazy too) and they rode the carousel. We checked out the Santa line, but was quick to turn back.
We picked up McDonalds happy meals and went to the cemetary to have a picnic with Kyndal. The boys were really well behaved and we had family prayer there. I said it this time, and of course was emotional thinking of Kyndal. Once we got in the car, Camden was not buckled in his car seat yet, and saw my tears. He patted my shoulder and said " I miss Kyndal too". That's all that was said. I love that kid.
The presents are wrapped.. ( camden wondered what we were getting Kyndal).. treats are baked.. last minute groceries purchased and we are off to the Acuna's house for tamale dinner and games. One thing Blades and I realized this year is that we really miss our family. Most of our friends around here have family too, so they talk of all the family dinners, gift exchanges and going to everyones house Christmas Eve and Day. We are thankful that the Acuna's invited our rambuctiousness to join them. Treats have been arriving at our doorsteps and the lbs are already starting to attach .. i can tell already :)
We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.
Love the Whites!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Happenings

Holidays are here, and I am not sure if I am ready for this. There is still some shopping to do, treats to be made, and gifts to wrap. Theres no tape in the house.. how is that gonna work. I attempted to use masking tape, but Blades said that would be tacky. He is stopping on the way home from work tonight to get some real tape. The kids are looking forward to Santa's arrival. We have been reading Christmas stories at night, and doing our advent calendar.

We have been to Kyndal's grave to decorate and bought a few ornaments for her for our tree. We bought a pink stocking too!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday and you enjoy it with family and friends!!

Kyla, Jacob, Camden and Case visiting Santa at Ethel M. when we were in Vegas for Thanksgiving

The boys decorating a little tree for Kyndal's grave

The cemetary let us make an ornament and place it on a memorial tree.

The boys and their sister Kyndal

the finished ornament

Case.. Kyndal ( on the wall) Camden

A painting we just had done of Kyndal

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One Hundred

1. I said I would never be a blogger.. and here were are at post number 100!!! ( in about a year)
2. I don't like icecream
3. I love my family.
4. Blades says Im addicted to facebook
5. I have to agree
6. I have the best husband
7. My kids are my life.
8. I'm getting a new calling and can't wait
9. I love blaring the radio in the car when I am by myself
10. I've been home from my mission for 9 years.
11. I feel old!
12. Both Blades and I love the fall
13. I've just been through the biggest change in my life loosing Kyndal
14. I love the temple
15. Can't wait to put up our Christmas tree
16. Blades and I met off the internet.. talked on the phone for a year.
17. and after we met engaged 5 days later
18. I love North Carolina
19. Blades loves to BBQ.. like really BBQ with the smoke and all
20. I need a haircut
21. I have great friends
22. I love my siblings.. and their kids
23. I have great neighbors
24. Blades has promised to paint my room.. Can't wait
25. I havent worn makeup for 3 days now
26. I love the smell of skunks
27. I laugh at Icarly and spongebob
28. I'm praying more
29. I love primary songs
30. I love our ward
31. I love cookiedough
32. I used to have huge speakers in my trunk ( ya I was ghetto)
33. Blades and I want to go on a cruise
34. We love Arizona
35. So glad we moved here, although we miss Vegas family and friends
36. Blades is glad I like it here.. he was worried
37. I miss my mom
38. Man this is alot to think of...
39. I love McDonald's Coke
40. I met wonderful people in WA on my mission that I still talk to.
41. I love my wedding rings and baby band ( each of my childrens names are engraved in it)
42. I love flip flops
43. I love to take a bath
44. I hate to have a dirty kitchen
45. I clean when i am irritated or mad
46. I love a clean car
47. I love clean windows
48. I love real mail
49. I love to journal and getting caught up on it
50. half way there.. wohoo
51. I love text messaging
52. I love taking pictures
53. I love looking at old pictures
54. I went to the winter olympics in SLC in 2002
55. I love Bunco and the girls in it
56. We go to target for thier popcorn and just to walk around
57. I love targets $1.00 section.. and clearance
58. I love Costco.. but was spending way too much money there.. so let my card expire
59. We love to have people over
60. Never have felt so loved than the last few months from family.. friends.. and neighbors
61. I love having my bed made up
62. Camden wants to play a game on the computer
63. Case is taking a nap
64. Blades is at work
65. We are going to go to Walmart
66. I love traditions .. new and old..
67. I love coupons
68. The kids love Chickfila.. mostly the icecream and playplace
69. I need new church shoes
70. My parents call me every day
71. I love it
72. I love to watch the Price is Right
73. And Oprah
74. Greys Anatomy
75. I like taking the kids to the park.. and they love it too
76. Are you bored yet?
77. The year I was born
78. The year Blades was born ( he says i robbed the cradle.. by 9 months dear)
79. The kids just got bunk beds.. and love them
80. I need to make them matching quilts for thier beds
81. Case is up
82. I love meals for the month.. my freezer is still stocked
83. Sonic coke is yummy
84. I played the flute for 5 years
85. the oboe for 1..
86. I'm a band nerd
87. So is Blades .. trumpet
88. Used to ditch school and sit in Amanda's truck all day hiding from security
89. Had great friends growing up
90. Still have some of those great friends
91. Blades is a hard worker
92. Case loves to say " tickle time" and its very clear.
93. Camden and Case tease and wrestle constantly
94. It drives me crazy.. but they are boys
95. The year i graduated from HS
96. I feel old
97. 3 more
98. I love to blog
99. Had a great New Years party in 99
100. YEAH heres to another 100 posts!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Befores and Afters

Blades Today.. Dec 09

Blades and Cori Nov 09

Blades and Cori December 08

It has been 1 year since we were in Mexico and Blades was having surgery. What an experience that was.. You can read about it in the archives under December 08.. ( I tried making a link, but couldnt) titled Mexico saga continues.

After about 2 weeks of being home, he had some complications, and ended up in ICU for 5 days and had 5 blood transfusions. It was very scarey, but sure are glad he is healthy and doing well now. He has lost 140 lbs and is feeling great.

Getting into the Christmas groove

It's a tradition when we are in Vegas around Christmas time to visit Ethel M chocolate factory.. It was a little chilly, the kids saw Santa and we ate some yummy chocolate. They were making Valentine Day chocolate while we were there, and the kids got to see it being made. ( I guess it's really not all that fresh since Valentines is months away) They have a huge cactus garden that is all lit up with Christmas lights.
We go with my brother Michael and Juanita... and Mike and Alleen Nelson.. between the 3 of us that all used to run around together.. we have 9 kids.. who would of thunk it..
I have more pictures to post, but swiped this one off of Alleen's blog.. thanks!