Sunday, April 26, 2009

Be Back Soon

In less than 24 hours we will be on a plane headed to NC for 12 days. We cannot wait for the wedding festivities of Blades' brother.. and to play in the sand for a week or more.
Although I will miss blogging, I will be back soon with all the fun pictures and adventures from our trip.
We got some sad news from Blades' best friend that lives in NC yesterday. His 5 year old son was in an accident, and died. We are grateful that we will be able to be there for them at this time. We are thankful for the peace the gospel brings, knowing they will see their son again, and be with him forever!
In 2 hours we are picking up Gma from the airport. The kids couldnt be more excited! ( im pretty excited too)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame!

Last week, Blades wanted to take us to a ball game.. It was total last minute, and we had a great time. It was freezing though. At home ( since we live about an hour away) it was nice, and I figured nah.. we dont need coats..
we froze.. but the kids had a fun time. They have a small field where the Diamondback pitching coaches actually come out and pitch to the kids. Camden loves this part of the ballgame. Look at him go...We left after the 6th inning. The Diamondbacks played the Rockies. We had 5.00 tickets and I think its the only way to go :)

Case being entertained by a tootsie pop

Camden wanted one of these finger things. He kept yelling.. go diamondbacks go.. good thing there werent too many people by us!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ding Ding Ding

In one corner we have Case.. 2 year old.. weighing in at 39 lbs... bound and determined to get a play cell phone from Camden
In the other corner we have Camden.. 4 year old.. weighing in at 49 lbs.. thinking he could get that cell phone from Case.. Case gave him a nice push...landed on a coffee table at the babysitters house and this is the result... ouch! Don't you love the sad face.. We got a phone call saying he was throwing up, and really sleepy. We took him to the Dr.. results.. mild concusion... If these boys fight like this now.. I am scared to see what they are going to do to eachother at 14 and 16.. Run eachother over with the car???

Easter at our house

One of the many things on my before vacation list is dumping all my pictures on the computer. I figured there were too many pictures not to do a quick post about what we have been up to.
The kids were excited about the Easterbunny and concerned that each of his friends would get a visit from the furry friend.... I tried to place them in some sort of order but no such luck.. ....

Trying to get the kids' pictures in thier Easter outfits before church was quite the chore.. all that candy had them all crazy!

Daddy and the boys dying the eggs..

Look at all those eggs everyone!

Case with all his treats!

This picture cracks me up.. Case and his wild hair. They were up at 6:30 am looking to see if the Easter bunny had come yet. This is the kids waiting on the bed for the OK

First thing Case found in his basket was a chocolate bunny.. Had to rip into it

Camden came home from preschool with this cute little face..

Finding the easter eggs

Friday, April 17, 2009

First look at baby #3

I had an ultrasound today, and it was the first one. They wanted to make sure I was right with the dates.. I was :)
So today I am 12 weeks 3 days.. A long time to go, but it was so fun to lay there, look up and see the little baby on the screen.
We took the boys with us. Thankfully Case was sleeping in the stroller, and Camden had all kinds of questions for the lady.. Mostly " are you almost done?" ( not my most patient kid)
It was a fun day to be there with my family looking into that screen to see the baby moving all around. The tech could hardly get good pictures, the baby was moving and jumping all around.
We got icecream and Jamba Juices afterwards. It was a great day!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mountain DONT

Last night we were invited to some friends' house to a BBQ. Camden found the Mountain Dew. We had a brief moment of "should he really drink this??" but the moment passed, and Camden was gulping the green goo....
We came home and I went to girls night out and hung out with some ward members in the neighborhood. i got home at 11.. and that kid was still WIDE AWAKE!
We encouraged him to go to bed, but no such luck...
I drifted off to sleep watching some show, just to be woken up about an hour later with Camden staring at the TV...
I turned it off.. and finally he fell asleep...
We learned our lesson... Mountain DONT

Blades' sister has been in town, and it was great to see her.. We went to Sedona, and dropped off her husband back in Phoenix that was here for a conference. She came to spend the night, and we had a great visit. We are looking forward to seeing their cute kids when we get to NC in a mere 3 weeks.. The countdown is on... My mom is coming with us for the trip and I cant wait to see her either.

Case is talking more and more each day. If I ask Camden if he wants something to eat.. Case raises his hand too.. Its too cute! He is the one I am worried about on the plane.. He gets screaming and wont stop.. we tried melatonin ( a natural sleep aid) to see how much and how long it would take to kick in... So we will make sure thats packed :)

Blades is doing really well with his weight loss.. He has lost 86 lbs in 4 months. He is looking great and we got to go shopping to get him a few new pairs of shorts and dress pants.
I am feeling well with the baby, and have my first dr's appt next week.
All is well at the White house..