Saturday, March 28, 2009

Boy oh Boy

Just was going through some pictures, and wanted to post some of my cute boys!!

Blades and the boys at the Railroad park in Scottsdale..

So our countdown is on for our NC trip.. Oh how we miss the beach, the sand, the food, and family.. Blades' brother is getting married, and we can't wait to have our toes in the sand for 2 weeks.. Grandma Dill is coming with us also, and we can hardly stand it..This is the boys last March...

I know come on Cori.. matching PJ's.. so I had to take a pic..

February in Arizona brings wet fun at the zoo in the splash pad. It was a great day!

Camden having a blast in the water!

Camden's preschool class took a field trip ( am I old enough to have a kid on a field trip) to the Natural History Museum.. the dinosaurs were fun.. this one is about to eat Camdens head.. Especially since he is behind the designated area...

Case's idea of fun at the zoo! Wonder where he learned that trick?

Where do I begin??

Monday, March 23, 2009


We arrived home last night from a wonderful visit to Vegas to see my dad. We had'nt seen him since October, and Blades said we should make the trip. I was trying to be the stubborn daughter, and not go back to visit him, til he made a trip out here, but I'm so glad we went. We suprised him, and he was really happy. Brought him his favorite cookies, and got to spend alot of time with him and my brother and family. It's always great to see family, and play with cousins that we don't live near. It makes you grateful for them and wished we lived closer, but really love our new home in AZ.
I got to see lots of my friends and it was great too.. As much as we don't see eachother, it just feels great to see them and reminise about old times, and catch up.
One of my friends is just coming back to church after 10 years of inactivity. We grew up in the same ward together, and were naughty brats in primary and sunday school together.
Her family spoke in church on Sunday and I was able to attend. Her 11 year old son was recently baptized, and he bore a sweet little testimony. I couldnt of been more happy that day, to see a friend and her family back into the gospel.
While we were in Las Vegas, I got a call saying a family in our ward lost their 8 month old baby from SIDS. All we could do for them was say a prayer and hope that others would serve since we were in Vegas still.. My heart ached and they were on my mind the whole time. What would I do? Even with the knowledge of a great plan of Heavenly Father, losing a baby in the middle of the night. I made her bread this morning, and took it over there. I was worried about losing it with my emotions, but held it together well. I took some of her laundry home and hope to be helping somehow. The laundry is going and will take it back later. I'm grateful to be able to help this great family. Their blog is listed on mine under Spencer and Crystal if you want to read their sweet story.
I have much to be grateful for.. although Case climbed out of his crib this morning ( it was a first that I wasnt looking forward to) but woke up dry. Sat on the potty.. so we are getting going with this potty training thing. He is almost doing it on his own. I today feel BLESSED!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Read all about it!!

Wanted to share with all my blogging friends our great news. I figured about 2 weeks ago I was, but just took the test last week. Call me crazy, but I wanted to make sure before I went and got the test. So we are looking at another whitehouse baby to arrive Octoberish.. towards the end. We sat Camden and Case down to tell them the BIG news, and we asked Camden what he would think of a baby coming to our house?His response:
Camden: " like baby Jesus mommy?"
Cori: no, not baby Jesus.. a baby in my tummy..
Camden: but mom I cant see it in there..
Cori: well soon you will be able to see it poking out
Blades: Camden.. do you want a baby boy or baby girl??
Camden: a boy baby
Camden: Case what kind of baby do you want?
Case: mummbling something no one can understand...
Camden: Case wants a girl.

We couldnt be more excited about another baby in our home. Although today was a rough one. Camden and Case were both having interesting days at church.. My motherhood love was tested.. as Case cried in the Relief Society room for 25 minutes straight.. I stayed strong, and went to clear his face off in the bathroom.. had him look in the mirror and see how sad he was.. After that, he really let out a sad cry and we went back to sit with Dad and Camden in the Chapel. A few animal crackers and pretzels saved the day.. Nap time was close and we had a great dinner with some friends and ward members. The kids have been sleeping for a few hours now, so all is well here. Maybe all this hard work with all these boys will pay off and I will get a pink reward..Time will tell :) I think Ive earned it.. although blue is fun too!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Our trip to Northern Arizona..

Blades and the boys at the petrified forest. It was cold and windy!
Cheese.. hurry take the picture.. its windy!

Camden and Case sitting on a petrified log.. that turned into a rock

one of the many dinosaurs we saw on the way. Case would "roar" at them..

The Snowflake Temple.

Case and Cori in the snow

Camden and his funky huge gloves.. having a great time!

Blades and Camden loving the cold

getting ready to throw a snowball!

Standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona

I know.. what a sad picture of Case huh?? I promise right after this he was having a great time
I tried to paste this at the top, but couldnt.. you got all the pictures first...

We have been wanting to get out of town and just explore some of Arizona that we havent seen yet. We went on an "adventure"... We drove 600 miles, and saw lots of things. The Snowflake Temple..., the petrified forest, Winslow, AZ.. ( standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona.. a song by the Eagles.. take it easy)... we swam at one of our hotels.. and one had a bunk bed. The kids had lots of fun jumping like monkeys on the beds.. We went to Flagstaff, and saw some snow also. Camden loved throwing snowballs, and Case was all bundled up.. the first time he touched the snow he was crying, but we put gloves on, and then he was happy. It was just a great 3 days to get out of town and enjoy the great weather and surroundings. Camden would ask what we were doing.. and he would say.. " an adventure mom and dad?" good thing there was snow in Flagstaff, because that's all he was looking forward to.