Tuesday, September 29, 2009

lazy dayz

Im usually a out and about kinda gal. I dont like to sit around if I dont have to. I will find any reason to walk around target, walmart or do errands. Lately that has been another story. Yesterday I didnt even get dressed until 5 o clock at night.. and that was because Blades was on his way home and I didnt want him thinking I am totally lazy. I didnt even dress the kids either. They were in their underoos all day.
This is day 3 of not really going anywhere, so I think its time to venture to McDonalds to play and have icecream ( for the kids)
On Thursday we have our final ultrasound to see how big she is getting. The dr. said its just for fun. Tuesday we have the amnio and then Wed the baby day. A week from tomorrow. I am starting to get a little anxious. No more Baby Story on TLC for me. My mom flies in on Sunday, so we are looking forward to her being here.
Lazy Dayz are good, but boring after a few!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

just kickin' it

We are down to a mere 2 weeks from today before we see this little gal. I went to the Dr. today and I am measuring at 39 weeks, which just Friday ( 5 days ago) i was measuring 37. He just laughs at my growth.. "maybe its the way the baby is sitting" he trys to reassure me. I went to the Dr for the first time by myself. I always have Blades come.. cause we are in this together, but it was a last minute rescheduled appointment, so I just went. I even got to stop at babies r us and Ross and got some cute socks, onesies and tights.. yes tights. It was a fun morning. I got her a baby book too, so I can start on all her stats soon. They will do an amnio ( the rest no way I cant spell that) on Tuesday the 6th, wait for the results to make sure her lungs are developed and do the C-section on the 7th at 10am. That's our little birth plan.

I am pretty sure we have decided on her name, although its still in the air.
Kyndall Ann
Blades took down our deathtrap of a trampoline that has been eaten up by the arizona heat, and cleaned up the backyard. It looks great. It is actually starting to get nice enough out to play out there. This afternoon, the kids were in their undies and shoes.. and thats it. It was cute. We set up the swing that we got and I am trying to beg the kids not to climb into it and break it.
We went to Las Vegas for the weekend and had a great time. Just hanging out with family and friends. We took the kids to Circus Circus, a must for a kid that is in Vegas. We grew up going there, so it was fun to take our kids to play there.
Closets and drawers are being cleaned out to make room for her. Case is still in the crib and I will probably get a toddler bed to have him get used to but keep him in that room. Plus Grandma is coming in a week and a half and Im more than sure she will not want to be in the same room with 2 little sweaty boys. I have shelves to hang and make that room look less boy'ie, maybe when the kids go to bed tonight. What's the rush?? I have 2 weeks left! ha ha
She constantly is moving in there probably wanting to come out to meet her 2 big brothers. I made them cute shirts. One for Case says I am the big brother and the one for Camden says Im the bigger brother. I am going to let them paint on them maybe for FHE next Monday.
So our house is baby baby baby lately. Only a few things left to do. I ordered a cute carseat cover that a lady is making. I think it is supposed to be done tomorrow. That's it for now.. for now both baby and I are just kickin' it.
( i dont really think i could kick.. my feet would make a great club though.. as swollen as they are)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meals Meals and more meals

Shower pictures added to the previous post.. Check em out :)

Today was the big cooking day, and I have had a few requests for the recipies and how we do it. This is just a jumbled mess, but hopefully it makes sense to some of you... alot of these i have been doing for so long, that we just throw them together.

One of the joys in meals for the month is the easy easiness of it. We found greatThrow away aluminum pans round 9 inch ( you can use whatever) with great paper lids at the dollar tree.. 2 for 1. After placing the meals in the pans, add freezer wrap or paper then we added the lids ( kinda like you get from Cafe Rio) , and freezer bags for soups and sauces ( quart size works best)... easy clean up... we label the lid with instructions on baking, thawing or whatever needs to be done to it.

BIG TIME SAVER: everyone cooks their meat before arrival. Shred the chicken at home. this is a timely process and much easier to assemble once its Mealday.

1. Find 2 friends who will love the meals as much as you. Works best if there are about the same amount of people in your family. ( we cooked for 3-4 people ) Any more than 3 people in your group.. the kitchen gets crowded..
Once a list is decided on, a grocery list needs to be made. Everyone buys thier own list, and then once we get together we just start assembling each meal x 3. Each of us takes a meal and works on it.. then moves to the next. There are a few groceries that you might just need a little bit of... ( mayo, celery, freezer wrap, green onions) usually one person will buy it then we split the cost.

everyone brings their own freezer bags and pans unless you want to add it to the group list..

2. start looking for freezer recipies/ ideas.
Some of our favorites:

Taco soup: serve over tortilla chips.
1 lb ground beef ( cooked)
1 can corn ( undrained)
1 can kidney beans ( undrained)
1 can refried beans
1 can diced tomatoes
2 cans tomato sauce
1 can green chilis ( small can)
1 packet taco seasoning
1 packet ranch dressing
throw everything into a pan, and cook for 30 minutes or so. ( this is one of the first recipies we start with.. in a huge pot.. and just let it sit there and cook til the end) divide into freezer bags. make sure you label the bags before placing the soup inside.. freeze.. day of eating.. either unthaw in the microwave, or let sit out for a few hours. Top with sour cream, cheese and tortilla chips..

Taco meat: just cook the hamburger, stick it in the freezer ( seasoned or not you choose)

Sloppy joes: add cooked meat to the sauce.. freeze and pull out for easy dinner.

Spagetti Sauce: same as above.. it's nice just to have it done

Chili: any chili will freeze. this is one of my favorites.. ( google Wendy's chili.. and walaa.. its yummy) i tried copying and pasting.. no luck..

Tater tot casserole
1 lb hamburger ( cooked)
2 cans green beans
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 package of frozen tater tots
Place hamburger on bottom of pan ( throw away one), mix green beans and soup together in a bowl.. put on top of hamburger.. add tater tots.. when you want to eat it. just thaw from freezer the night before or take it out in the morning. Bake for 30-45 minutes.(350) It just has to warm and cook the tater tots.

Pesto Chicken
2 chicken breasts ( cooked and shredded)
1 jar of alfredo sauce
1 package of pesto ( either refrigerated section or a dry mix that you can mix up with oil)
combine all ingredients and divide two times. Put into a freezer bag.. Thaw and warm on stove. Pour over bowtie noodles.. or rice

Chicken Divan
2 chicken breasts ( cooked)
1 bag frozen broccoli
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 cup cheese
1 cup mayonaise

Place broccoli on the bottom of pan, mix all other ingredients in a bowl. Add mixture on top of broccoli. Thaw and bake for 30-45 minutes. 350.. you can add ritz crackers on top while baking towards the end.. way yummy! great over rice too

Chicken Cresants
1-2 chicken breasts
1 cube cream cheese
1/2 cup cut up celery
green onion ( not sure how much ) maybe 2
poultry seasoning
eating day: cresants and cream of chicken soup

combine all ingredients in large bowl. Seperate into 2 freezer bags ( labeled)
Eating day: unthaw and place inside cresant rolls 1 package is enough ( uncooked) Bake til the cresants are done. Warm up Cream of chicken soup and pour over top like a gravy.

Potato & Cheese Soup ( needs Large pan or we used a roasting pan like a huge plug in one)
1 bag shredded hash browns
1 onion
1 can cream of mushroom or chicken soup
1/2 gallon milk
2 cups cheese
seasonings, salt pepper or whatever you like..

Cook hashbrowns with a bit of oil...or atleast brown them a bit. add remaining ingredients. ( this is another recipie we start with so it has lots of time to cook and make us hungry )

divide into bags and freeze. just let thaw and cook. might need a bit of time to get the onions soft. ours cooked for about 2 hours and still wasnt all the way done..

Chicken Pot Pie
1 bag mixed veggies
2 chicken breasts
1 can cream of chicken or mushroom soup
1 cup cheese

add all ingredients into a bowl then transfer to pans ( we divided it up so we would have 2)
on eating day, thaw and add whatever topping like canned biscuits or bisquick, or cornbread mix. any of it is great. just cook til warm and top is done.

1 lb hamburger
1 jar spagetti sauce
2 cups of cheese ( we mixed yellow and white)
lasagna noodles

layer starting with a bit of sauce on bottom of pan. then uncooked noodles.. then meat and cheese.. more noodles, sauce.. etc.
thaw and bake .. this one might need a little more time since the noodles are uncooked. 45 minutes.

French bread pizza
1 french bread from bakery
spagetti sauce ( either exra from lasagna or a new jar)
whatever toppings you want ( peperoni, hamburger, onions )
cheese we used both..

cut bread in half. we put peperoni on first so it doesnt get saugy.. then added sauce and toppings. wrap in freezer wrap and foil.

not sure how long to bake this one for. Probably 20- 25 minutes if you are pulling it right out which might be best so it doesnt get saugy ( or however you spell that word)

Ham and Potato Bake
1 cup (?)deli ham diced up
1 frozen mixed veggies
1 can cream of mushroom/chicken soup
1 bag frozen hash browns
1 cup cheese
1 cup sour cream
salt pepper to taste

add all ingredients in large bowl and divide up into atleast 2 pans. This one makes alot. Eating day: just thaw and bake. 35-45 minutes. you can add more cheese to top if you want.

Chicken potato casserole ( this one is new for us.. it looked really good)
2 chicken breasts
1 can cream of chicken soup
green peppers and onion frozen mix ( 3/4 of bag)
3 1/2 cups of hash browns
1 cup cheese

mix all ingredients and add to pans. ( we split this one too) Thaw and cook til it looks bubbly and yummy!

Marinated Chicken breasts
However many chicken breasts you want
Dry marinades that you add oil and water too..
Just place into labeled bags and unthaw the day of. Great for BBQ'n

3. A few things that havent been that great is tortillas for some reason like enchiladas.. the time we made it they were very saugy.. we have stayed away since. if someone has a great trick please share. cause it would be nice to add to the list.

4. Meals for the Month is awesome. Good luck. Im happy to help any of you. Please comment with questions or if you need help. Its very cost effective also. We made 23 meals today ( times 3 so 69) meals in about 3 1/2 hours. We have improved our speed. Coke and chocolate helps..
We usually bring a snack or treat to share just cause all the food looks good..
I probably spent under 100 bucks for 23 meals. Probably closer to 80 bucks.

Let me know if this helps! Happy cooking. What shall we eat tonight is always the question since our house smells so good today!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Countdowns and a shower

Pink and brown whoppers.. we had to guess how many were inside. I think there were over 340

I had to wear pink somewhere, so the hair it was :)

Look at all these great gifts!!

Cute Cute dress, and a fairy book

bows bows bows.. I cant wait :) Thanks Crystal.. I love em

Three weeks from tomorrow we will be able to see this little girl that is about out of room here in my tummy. She kicked me so hard the other night, that it startled me. I wasnt expecting it. It shook my whole body.
I started Blades a list of stuff to get done, and its all done except painting our room. Here is the completed list... go Blades!

ceiling fans

light fixtures

touch up paint in kids' room

clean the carseat

move Case's clothes and dresser to Camden's room

I'm definitley beyond nesting. Im sure I am driving Blades nuts. I think I have been a pretty nice pregnant wife though.... only a few meltdowns and screams.

Saturday, my friends threw me a wonderful baby shower. It was lots of fun hanging out with the girls and celebrating this new little gift thats coming soon. Thanks to everyone who came and the fun we had. We have so much pink now.. it's exciting. Pictures to follow soon.
Now I am just trying to figure out what to do with Case. Do i move him out of the room before or after the baby gets here. She will be in our room for a few months. I dont want to rock his world too much. We are going to get a toddler bed, and prob keep him in the nursery til he is more used to it. The thing is.. the crib has to be painted.. and I want to set up her bed.. although she wont be sleeping in it. Its fun to look in her closet and see all these pink and girlie clothes.

Tomorrow is our big meal cooking day. A few friends are getting together to do meals for the month. We will end up with over 20 meals and it only takes us about 3 hours to put it all together. My freezer will be full and I cant wait!

Pictures to be uploaded soon!! My mom is coming for 3 weeks and I cant wait for that either!

The ultrasound tech said she might have a little bit of hair.. I think it will be dark.. blades thinks it will be blonde.. what do you think???

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summertime.. and the livin's easy!

Life around our house hasnt been too exciting considering it is still way too hot to play outside unless its in the water.. and my feet are so swollen I dont get out of the house unless I am sure no one will laugh at my tennis shoe/capri outfits.. These are just a few of the things that have kept us busy before baby girl comes to join the madness!

The other night for Family Home Evening, we watched Madagascar, and the kids loved the music.. "i like to move it move it"... at the end... They danced and danced.. too cute!
Camden bustin' a move! and Case just busted one

Dancin boys

Case got this lovely crown at Burger King and wore it all through one of his naps and wore it the next day. He liked it..
We have played outside a little bit in the afternoons when it is a mere 100 instead of 110.. No swimsuits for us.. just the undies!

Case riding his trike

couldnt help but take a snapshot of this cute bummy.. (casers)
a little chub... ( no one better take a pic of me this way)

Case jumping up when the water would come on

waiting for the water to turn on..

two of the cutest boys at the white house

he is getting so big.. and not like a baby anymore...

bring on the rain.. (or sprinkler)

Camden describing something

Camden and Case making some music

Blades went to NC for 5 days without the family.. and had a great time. We missed him tons, but glad he had a break and he fished constantly! He didnt take many pictures..
Eddie ( blades' brother) Melanie ( blades' sister) Blades and Tara ( blades' sister in law)

He even had time to hang out with his best friend Emil..
I switched Dr.'s last week and love the new one. He is much more personable and is concerned that the baby might be large. They will do an ultrasound next Friday and then we can decide if we want her born a few weeks early from there. I am supposed to deliver at 39 weeks which would be Oct 20th, but we might be looking at Oct 6th instead (37 weeks). With my feet swollen, and back hurting more and more each day, the Dr doesnt want my uterus to get too stretched out causing a risk during surgery.. I will keep yall posted. If so we have I should say Blades has a long list of stuff to do before she is born. Paint the crib, dust ceiling fans, paint my bedroom.. I cant wait to see what she looks like. Blades swears she is going to have blonde hair like the boys but Im seeing dark.. Time will tell. She is still nameless for now. Heres a list of our favorites:
Kyndal, Kendall
Ok so its not a list... just a few..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Queen Creek News

This just in... the gigantic steeple has arrived for our new building today being pulled by a white Chevy truck.....
and I couldnt help but stop (in the middle of the road).. and take a picture of it..
Each time we drive by, they are working the kids are excited. Case loves when we drive by any church, but how exciting that this one is about 1/2 mile from our house.
Camden wonders why the workers go home and dont just keep working on it..
( I'm not the only crazy Queen Creeker blogging about this either.. :) Julie your post inspired me