Saturday, September 25, 2010

what was i thinking

11 kids on the invite list
13 including mine
a few games
cupcakes to decorate.. sprinkles of choice..
goody bags.. and out the door the cute kids would go
This is how it really went down...
the kids start arriving..
Camden melts down about not winning hot crying hysterically in his bedroom..
(lucky his parents didnt find him another home)
Limbo- camden freakingout cause the kids werent playing it right...
balloon stomp-- each kid has a balloon attached to their feet.. the stomping and screaming begins..and doesnt end soon enough
He shapes up and we start having a good time.
after a few more games... we decorate cupcakes.. 13 kids at one table..
squished to say the least
birthday hats that the elastic parts are breaking off of.. each one of them coming to me asking me to fix.. each gets a cupcake... a knife full of chocolate ( what was i thinking) frosting.. and sprinkles.. I managed talking them into letting me sprinkle on just a few..
each kid needs to be wiped down from the chocolate disasters..
Debra takes over the facewiping.. and I grab my camera..
my camera battery is dead.. so out comes the video camera..
We start on the gifts..
I've never seen them all stand so close together before.. like attacking the one with the gift bag..
I glance over and see Debra and Layne cleaning up my kitchen.. sprinkles and frosting..
( i have great friends)
The madness continues with Camden asking " who wants me to open their present next?"..
( does it really matter cam?)
I glance at the clock and realize only 40 more minutes of entertaining needed to be done... one opens the back door to go outside.. PERFECT idea... it's still a bit hot in the arizona desert, but hey they dont mind....
We send out the Capri Suns to be opened, squeezed and drank outside
Some come in with red faces and sweaty hairdo's..
The new gifts are in a pile and being opened by everyone who thinks they look cool..
parts, cardboard, pieces everywhere...
Goody bags with homemade playdough ( are you impressed?)
twisty straws
glow bracelets
tootsie rolls
are handed out as each little munchkin leaves...
Blades and I both look at eachother at the dinner table ( while he is putting on stickers on a GIjoe truck/helicopter contraption) and we both take a deep breath.. WOW..that was alot of kids
What's for dinner?
taco bell it was
All in all the party was a success after a few meltdowns and messes. Camden said thanks for all the gifts and that he had a great party.. I suggested having a "friend" party every other year..
He didnt like that idea..
For now we will all sleep well tonight. I love having parties but this one almost did me in.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A birthday boy

This morning we woke up early and I had opened up the garage door, and Camden wasnt quite up yet.. I started singing to him.. and he got right out of bed and said.. thanks mom.. I had forgotten it was my birthday.... Dad made pancakes with a candle in it for Camdens birthday. I wrote on the bathroom mirror with a marker " Happy Birthday Camden" with some balloons too.. He thought that was pretty neat. When he got in the car for carpool, all the girls were singing to him. We are having a party for him on Sat with a few friends over. I am taking him to get chinese food for lunch. He loves the soup and chicken.
Birthday Interview...
Grade: kindergarten
School: kindergarten, legacy
Teacher: Mrs. Armendariez
Best Friend: parker ( have no clue)
Favorite Color: blue
Favorite food: sausage and hamburgers ( he never eats hamburgers)..
" I said sausage.. now give me some".
Favorite TV show: Spongebob ( we don't watch that show in our house)
Fav movie: goonies
Favorite Book of Mormon Story: the one with the rough seas and they built a boat ( nephi)
What do you want to be when you grow up: An astronaut
Favorite toy: lego's
Favorite part about school: coloring and recess

6 years ago today.. we were meeting this little guy... 9 lbs 6 oz He's gone from this....
to this... a sweet caring boy


He is always getting into things.. but how can you get mad at a face like this...

Camden at 1 year

Posing for the camera

This is one of my favorite pictures of him on this horse...

What a great big brother he is

One Christmas they dressed him up during the nativity story..

The day he was born... what a special addition to our family...
We love you Camden.. Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a smile on my face

Normal day ...
of kindergarten,
playing gi-joes with Case,
a rest
and thought about making dinner..
It was homework time...
Camden is learning so much and his handwriting is getting better by the day..
There I sit.. with my kindergartener doing homework with
Case coloring Ernie from a coloring book..
Camden doing his homework without complaining..
I had to smile.. My life is good!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Random Ramblings

1. Glad our new cable has free random cartoons you can play whenever.. like tom and jerry and caillou..

2. Had a great weekend with Camie and Neil in town. They decided to come into town at the last minute for the long weekend. We had tons of fun playing cards, eating junk and bbq'n.. and I got glitter toes done while Camie was here.. And she was nice enough to cut all of our hair here at the White house!

3. Blades is starting classes next week for sleep technician. Its a two week course.. we are venturing out for a new career for him. He is nervous. I hope he does well.

4. There is an Olive Garden being built near us!

5. Camden's birthday party is coming soon. I'm all about simple!

6. Camden is reciting the pledge in front of his class tomorrow. He does it perfectly. Case likes to practice with him too! Even with thier hands over thier hearts.

7. There's so much work to do with a kid in school. Laundry, homework, reading, volunteering.

8. I need to go eat breakfast.. I'm hungry..

9. Today is definitly going to be a Sonic drink day.. I have a free coupon!

10. My mom is enjoying married life and the fun that comes with being a ranchers wife. She has bailed hay, cut hay, moved cattle and all while cooking and cleaning for her man. She's happy.

11. So glad that hurricane Earl lessened it's strength before hitting the coast of NC. The cottage is free from damage. Wohoo!

12. Finding I have to set alarms on my cellphone just to remember to do certain things.. Pick up stuff from someones house, pick people up from school.

13. We want to go to Vegas for Thanksgiving. Hope its in the cards.

14. Kids are funny in a carpool. They have already decided what they are going to be for Halloween, which rides they will ride first at Scnepf farms ( a place near us).. and if Camden got a green card.

15. Grandma and Grandad White sent the kids Toy Story comforters for thier beds.. I've never seen the kids so excited about going to bed.. Camden even made his bed this morning.. with a toy buzz tucked under the blanket. It was cute!

That's it for now. My random thoughts and kinda whats been going on around here!