Wednesday, November 9, 2011

becoming Mrs. White

3,285 days later and I am celebrating my 9th wedding anniversary..

I woke up to Case's sweet face inches from mine.. He was smiling, and who knows how long he was staring at me, just waiting for me to notice him there. He snuggled in our bed asking to watch TV before the sun was even up. Not yet Case, I said.. in a little bit.. he tried his hardest to be still, and before we knew it the garbage truck was even making noise in the street.. why they come at 6am Im not sure, but the truck next door thought it was too loud also, and began to scream by honking.

I went to wake Camden with a song hoping it would make for an easy awakening. I said mom and dad were married 9 years ago today... Its kinda like a birthday, but 9 years ago, we got married in the temple. His response... while focusing his still half closed eyes was... " oh.. so you got married on a Tuesday?".. It was actually a Saturday, and today is Wednesday.. oh he said..

I thought it was cute. :)

I kissed Blades as he went off to work.. Happy Anniversary babe...

We are celebrating at the Garden of Olives tonight...mmm i can already tell its gonna be some yummy food.. We were going to go somewhere new, but hey we love that place.. might as well go somewhere we know will enjoy

We exchanged our gifts last night.. I got him a large roasting pan ( romantic huh?) and some peanut m&m's.. which i havent seen since.. and he got me 2 books from Deseret Book.

My friend is watching the kiddos tonight while we go to dinner and maybe a movie.. or maybe some Christmas shopping. Who knows what the night will bring..

Nine years has flown by. In nine more we will have a 16 year old and a 14 year old.. now thats a scarey thought. We will be old"er" by then.

Blades is a wonderful husband. We love to people watch ( non judgementally of course) and can tell what the other one is thinking about the unsuspecting victim.

I cant wait for the rest of our lives to share together.. Happy Anniversary to us!!