Monday, February 28, 2011

Case's Birthday Bash

4 years ago.. we were handed this little guy...

moments after birth

excited at his birthday party

his first birthday party

yes.. that is cake :).. at his first birthday..
four years and now he looks like this... one handsome little devil..

Case and his buddy Camden

We had his birthday party at the park. all years before now.. it is so close to the Superbowl.. that he usually ends up with a football party. We decided the park sounded fun.. and i was even more excited that the mess would be kept to the green grass and park..
the kids played parachute..

Duck.. duck goose
and then it was time to sing...

and eat cupcakes..
and open presents.. he pulled up this chair onto the blanket... and was ready..

he was super excited about this gum.. and shared with all of his friends.

Case is a great kid and had a wonderful birthday.. the day before his birthday i was emotional.. could my baby really be turning 4??? our future babies and him will be so far apart.. He is a joy!

and the Oscar goes to...

if someone interviewed me and cared about "who" i was wearing i'd say this...
a 7.99 tealish colored shirt from Ross recently purchased, brown sweatish pants, and Nikes.. oh and the earings.. a steal from Layne Bryant..
( a steal.. like a good deal.. not a real steal like Lohan)
I even had makeup on today.. (yesterday at church realized i put on all my makeup but mascara.. an important accessory to any outfit)

I enjoyed watching some of the Oscars, but think it's rediculous the stuff they talk about and care about.. what parties who went to.. who was with who...but somehow it got me sucked in to the nonsense.

Now moving on...
Camden has been working really hard earning green cards at school, so he can participate in Karate classes.. well he got a yellow today, so no Karate tomorrow.. He is ticked, but we are sticking with it and maybe he will learn a lesson. or hope that he does.
I'm in a rutt... like i want to kick my kids' butts.. no im not a poet..

excuse me while I whine...
the boys constantly fight, dont listen, argue and egg eachother on. I am about to carry around the pancake turner in my back pocket.. cause thats the only thing that kinda works.. ( they think its funny when i stick it in my pocket.. waiting for the next swat)
they have lost tv time, are taking naps..
at church yesterday, one of the talks was on harmony in the home.. good thing we were sitting close so we could all hear it... it was just what we needed. we've moved on to prayer.. and lots of it.. I hope it helps.. any advice.???. i dont want to have a house where we are constantly yelling and getting on their cases for being naughty.. or my kids permantley hating pancakes or their childhood... I will keep you updated..

mmm freezer jam was made last night.. nothing like it. I could almost drink it through a straw.. although toasted bread and the jam make a perfect match.

I'm breathing.. sometimes long deep breaths to make myself not go crazy..
as for now.. i am looking forward to Oprah, and my coke. My time!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Camden is losing it..

teeth... that is....
After Family Home Evening.. the kids took their routine scrub a dub -dubs and jammies were the chosen apparel for the remaiderof the evenings events.
Camden has had this tooth that has been hanging on by a prayer for a few days now. He has had his hands constantly in his mouth wiggling and jiggling the tooth.
They had lost their dessert from FHE, because they werent listening.. so after a few minutes of Camden yanking the tooth, I told him if he pulled it out I would give him an oreo.. ( the homemade treat that was made for FHE.. right out of the box).. He was game. Out came the washcloth for proper gripage... and he started pulling..
The more pulling he did.. the funnier the tooth started to look. gnarled.. you could say.. twisted.. nanny mcphee'ish'.
This was the winning pull.. he was so happy.. he had tears in his eyes..

Camden.. one less toother...

Checking out his new smile... daddy washing his tooth off.. ( made sure the drain was plugged)

Camden's new smile.
They did earn thier oreo... and brushed teeth afterwards.. man... they stick in your teeth forever..
I had a mission friends whose status on facebook today was : cleaning house with kids home is like brushing your teeth while eating an oreo.. made me laugh...
Camden and Case were in charge of FHE tonight. They picked the songs, prayer and lesson. Camden told us about Joseph Smith and the First Vision.. it was cute in his own words..
Case held up a picture of sacrament.. and we talked about how we should act during the Sacrament. ( this is definitley something we are working on)... Camden even bore his little testimony.
they played hide the monkey... and then it was time to sing Once there was a Snowman...
The tooth was the highlight of the evening. The tooth is tucked away in a jewlery box under his pillow.. Hopefully the toothfairy will remember to stop tonight..
( she even has cash in her purse.. an oddity for her)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Visit from Grandma and Wilford

Look at these little superhero's.... Grandma helped us make the capes.. and I made masks from the left over fabric.. but i think they got thrown away with the rest of the scraps... I wasnt about to dig through the trash, so I made them masks out of paper.. Case's eyes are covered.. poor kid..
They went to a birthday party where they were supposed to dress up like their favorite superhero...
We ate at In and Out and sat outside. It was a beautiful day and Case had to have his valentine treat. Cute puckered lips. mmm fundip
We had a wonderful visit with Wilford and my mom. The weather was perfect, so we spent alot of time outside.. They are from Wyoming where it was 20 below when they left. They were happy to see the sun too!

The whole group.. except Blades.. behind the camera..

We went putt putt golfing. The kids had never been.. there was a playplace for them to play on once we were done. I even slid down.. the kids thought it was fun and wanted to push me.

The blossoms on this tree are already blooming..

Cori and Camden
Grandma and Case

Camden going for a swing..

Case playing golf

We had a few minutes before the golf place opened, so we went to the temple to see the visitors center and take a few pictures.

The boys with some pictures the missionaries gave to them.

Cynthia, Camden, Case and Wilford
Blades was working most of the time they were here, but we had a great time.
We went to Tucson one day to see Aunt Alyce ( my moms sister)
I even got to shop with no kids
We went to Canyon Lake for a picnic..
watched movies
ate yummy popcorn
Mom and Wilford.. Come back soon.. we already miss you..
Wilford has 800 momma cows that are about to calf
( wow I sound like I know what I am talking about).. so far 3 were delivered as of yesterday..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have this 1000 piece puzzle sitting on my kitchen table.. about half way done and it is taking all of my time away...
away from... laundry, chores, blogging..
I mentioned it to Blades and he said not to worry about it.. so I am enjoying the puzzle.. havent done one in years...

On another note... Camden and Case were told last week if they got green cards at school all week they could earn karate class. tonight is the first one.. they are super excited. hi-yaw!

we had a wonderful visit with my mom and her new hubby Wilford in town. Pics and blogging to come soon.. ( as soon as that darn puzzle is done)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Need a good cry?

Chloe, Camden and Carlie

ah.. a real keyboard...I'm a quick typer... always have been... Theres lots to catch up on... so if my title caught your attention.. hang on and read for a minute.. then check out the video...

Our internet was messed up for the last few days, so I have been doing all facebooking and blogstalking from my handy dandy.. ( not notebook).... phone... the one i got a few weeks ago.. that hasnt left my side.. unless of course its being charged or the kids are playing angry birds on it. the texting and keyboard are a bit smaller than the good ol' regular computer. My fingers feel so free and have lots of space to roam. i couldnt blog from my phone.. it let me type a title.. but no blogging.. so my " horrible" post the other day was published.. then removed.. I was just going to tell you about how Camden said the veggies were "harible"...

Caser turned 4 over the weekend.. so theres another post.. and previous Christmas posts.. grr.. ive got alot of work to do today.. i'd better make sure my kids are fed, so they can destroy the house while I blog.

My mom and her new hubby Wilford are coming into town on Sunday. We are excited for their visit and for our friends to meet him. The major toilet scrubs and baths are done, and Blades is cleaning the carpet as I type.. Is that mean?? I am blogging and he is cleaning.. NO.. it isnt.. I vacuumed earlier while he was doing computer stuff.. why am i cleaning before they get here in a few days.. its just going to have to be cleaned again on Saturday?? its the pressure I tell you.. I wanna just get it done..

It was freezing here the last few days.. we even had to let our water drip in the sink to make sure nothing froze. Our plants are probably still freezing.. we covered them, but the wind came along and probably blew them away. I volunteered at Camdens school this morning, and you should of seen the kids gathered around the plant that had ice around it.. These poor desert kids havent ever seen ice on the ground. Thier rosy red noses and cheeks were sure signs that they are not used to the cold Old Man Winter brought.. It was 22 last night. The coldest theyve seen around here in 2 decades.. ( that makes me sound old).. decades..

Please check out this video and Molly's website. If you want a good cry that is... I am adding her blog button ( i think thats what you call it) to my blog... its called a good grief.. check it out and let me know what you think. I bawled when i watched the video that BYU just made of her family. I had recieved an email from her notifying her email list of the new video. I hadnt been on her blog in a while, and checked it out. Her daughter choked on an apple on the way home from church. After she passed away... They wanted to help other families purchase headstones... I emailed Molly asking what it would take to be a recepient of such a gift.. since we still dont have a headstone for Kyndal. ( not thinking I would hear from her so quickly... or it be so easy).. She emailed me back the next day informing me of the process, and suggested we start looking into one, and once it was ordered... they send a check directly to the monument place. Isn't that awesome? They are going to help our family too. What a wonderful gift and service they give.. as they grieve... When I checked my email, I couldnt believe it.. I was so happy.. It made my day :)... It is families like them who serve and give that make me want to be a better person. Thanks Jackson's... We think you are good!

here is the website...( i tried uploading the video and i worked on it for an hour with no luck)
its one of the most recent posts titled "see the good".. with the video... please watch it.. grab a box of kleenex beforehand
her website

I had carpool today, and Camden and the two girls ( Abby had already been dropped off.. and she is cute too!!) climbed into the back as i was their chuefer ( however you spell that word)... they wanted their picture taken, and Camden said he was " girl trapped."... I thought it was funny.. i will try to upload the picture here too..well it's at the top... are they not so cute???