Saturday, March 13, 2010


I saw a little smidge on the MSN page about this miraculous story that was featured on the Today show yesterday. Rian and I were talking about this amazing story. I had to google it but found the blog. Read it all morning and was sobbing. Its amazing. Beware.. you will cry! It's a good cry though.. I felt uplifted reading her blog.

Rian and I went to the movies to see princess and the frog with 4 of our kids.. they all did really well.. I guess if you give kiddos enough popcorn and treats they will sit for a great amount of time.. Wow I guess I learned a new trick!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

non news

Here's whats been happening at our house lately... not alot!

Case had an ear infection and got diagnosed with asthma.. he was gived a steroid for 5 days. I double dosed him one day.. oopss... he was a monster.. ( it makes you a bit hyper).. Camden has scratches all over his face from Case and his cat like mean-ness..

I had the bright idea of starting our own tee ball team.. First practice is tomorrow.. Camden is so excited and has been counting down the days til practice. He is super excited that dad is his coach. 15 kids are signed up.. should be fun!!!

Blades has been working alot, so we miss him..

We spend lots of time at the park and riding bikes.. ( the boys and their bikes) It will be hot before we know it so we are soaking up the spring. Although today is freezing and teeball practice is tomorrow.. we will bundle up for it.

That's about all thats going on! sniffles and sneezes.. coughs and cat like mean-ness scratching.