Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

Case looking at the Nativity
Camden placing his wiseman..
a wiseman
opening jammies

We spent the evening with the Larsen's. We had the kids open one gift ( it's our tradition) and its always pajamas.. Camden wasnt too excited, but he was happy they had transformers on them. Case's were batman.. he was just happy to open the package. We hadnt set any gifts out since we knew forsure the kids would sneak and rip them open. We had a great ham dinner with all the fixin's and Jaren told us the Nativity. The kids got to help with the story. It was a great evening with great friends. Since both families don't have family near, we spend lots of time together. When we got home, the kids got on their jammies, and we made Camden a little bed in our room, because we didnt want him sneaking into the living room without us seeing his reaction. It took him about an hour to fall asleep.. and the whole time he was singing .." you better watch out.. you better not cry.. you better not pout im telling you why... santa claus is coming to town." I remember as a kid being so excited on Christmas eve.. I cant believe we have kids that are old enough to be excited about Christmas.

Our White Christmas...

Here is our family the Sunday before Christmas all dressed up for church.
We let Grandma and Grandad White open their gifts before they went home.
Grandma shared with us some of her cookie recipies.. we had a great time decorating them and sharing them with friends.

Case sprinkling the cookies
Grandad White , Case and Camden
We went to Goldmine Ghostown, outside of Apache Junction to do the tourist thing. The weather was perfect and we rode the train.. even saw Santa

We went to the temple lights also. It was fun to share this tradition with our family. Blades' parents really enjoyed it. We really enjoyed their visit and we were so happy they were able to come and spend some holiday time with us.. even though the main reason they came was to see Blades in the hospital. We love you both!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blades Adventures

We've had quite the week... The ambulance ride, blood transfusions, ICU....

So heres some pictures from the hospital. We ended up being there for 5 days, and we are so glad to have our daddy home! I took the kids down there to see him once he got out of ICU and into a regular room. They were so happy to see him, and Blades was thrilled too. We made him a card, and brought a balloon too which the boys are fighting over. Camden had a hard time leaving when it was time to go, but he was home the next day.

We had great care. The nurses were great. Paul was our favorite. They would sit and bet on what his next blood pressure would be.. and his next blood levels. When Blades' friends John and Jaren were there, Paul kidded around saying that he really enjoyed the bath he helped him with earlier ( saying all of this with a very feminine lisp).. It sure made the whole process easier to go through.

I cant even believe ALL of the help that we recieved. What a blessing. Each time I thought about it I would get emotional. Friends watching the boys, cleaning my house before Blades' parents came into town from NC, scrubbing my toilets, bringing in meals.. the list could go on and on. My phone rang nonstop with those that were concerned and wondering how he was doing. THANK YOU !!!!

We know prayers were answered. It's a true testimony builder for me. I love to help others, but I dont like to ask for help. I didnt even have to ask.. people just jumped in.. Those that lived near and far.. thanks for your prayers and concern.

Holiday Happenings

Heres what we have been up to this Holiday Season....

We are slowly getting ready for Christmas around here. With all the hospital happenings, I just sat in the hospital room thinking of all the things that yet needed to be done. I did my Christmas cards, and just placed them in the mail today.

While Grandma Dill was here watching the boys while we were in Mexico... Uncle Michael ( cori's brother) came with Kyla, Camden's cousin. We made gingerbread houses, Michael hung our Christmas lights, we went to some Christmas activities where it snowed ( by machine) Grandma made some Christmas ornaments with us. We went to the temple lights and had a great time together as a family.
We decorated the Christmas tree.. and the boys had a great time.
Camden is hoping Santa brings him a shoot your eye out gun ( thanks to the Christmas Story) Case loves to look at the ornaments on the tree and rearrange them for us. Each time he sees Christmas lights he yells " SANTA"... very loudly. Its too cute!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


just a quick post to update those that are wondering what is going on.
blades had surg done in mexico on the 1st of dec. this last wed he started feeling dizzy.. thursday he was really lightheaded and passed out in the bathroom. we ended up calling the ambulance and he is in the hospital. more details to come. he had lost half of his blood. they are trying to figure out where it is coming from. the scope couldnt see it. so they are assuming it is from the old part of the stomach that cannot be seen by a scope. we are in the ICU but stable. no breathing tubes or anything. we were playing cards and the nurses , blades and his buddies were betting on what the next blood pressure numbers would be. His spirits are high and we are just taking it day by day. as long as his blood levels keep going up they wont have to do surg.. if he continues to loose blood they will have to figure out what is going on.
our kids are being taken care of by great friends and a great ward. thanks to all.. keep those prayers coming our way. I am so blessed! I had two friends over here tonight scrubbing my toilets and cleaning my ceiling fan.. ( blades' mom is coming in town) i figured id better clean up a bit.. although it was almost already clean. i have to get to bed. but just wanted to thank all of those that have called, prayed, cleaned.. or whatever! you all are the best
we are at mountain vista hospital in mesa

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mexico saga continues

OK so those of you who wanted an update on our Mexico experience.. here it is along with some pictures.. After we crossed the border back in the US , Blades says if he could of bent over he would of kissed the ground. Imagine the worst part of town youve ever been in and times it by atleast 50.. thats Tiajuana!
The whole experience was way eye opening. It is definitley a 3rd world country. The drivers are of thier own kind. I swear we almost got hit 2 or 3 times. The lady that was driving us around was crazy.. Her shoulder was messed up so not only was she driving with one arm, but also trying to dial on her cell phone and all without hurting us in the process. I told her I had no clue how she lived like this, or drove the way she did.. Ya I have a big mouth!
Blades and I both decided that one day with the crazy driver was enough and we asked the Dr if we could go home. Blades was doing well, so he let us.. THANKFULLY!!!
She took us to go see a monkey that is in her neighborhood. A drug-lord guy was living there, and got killed, so this little monkey is abandoned. We fed him.. Blades could of cared less about that dumb monkey.. ( his words)..
We drove to the border and there are merchants everywhere. In the street, in the road.. kids selling chicklets, moms begging for money with kids ( that are rented) strapped to their backs.. people selling Churros... icecream, drinks all while waiting in the border line.
We were glad to get home. I ended up driving the whole way home.. about 6 hours.. I usually am not a good long distance driver, but we made it home. We got in about 11pm. We wondered if Camden would still be up.. As soon as we opened the garage door, he came running out and I swear the whole neighborhood heard him.. MOMMY... DADDDYYYY!! with his loudest voice. We were so glad to get home. We had to peek on Case, and as soon as we touched him, he was up. The kids were up til midnight getting hugs and kisses from us. We gave them their sought after mexican souviners.... a little marianette ( puppet thing) and some meracas.. both toys Im not sure on the spelling. Camden wanted a gun... Sorry dear.. they dont sell those there, although I am sure there are plenty with all of the drug wars and cartell issues that are going on there right now. I am proud to be an American FORSURE!!! Blades is resting well, and feeling better each day.

Abubu... the monkey... feeding him grapes and oranges.

the view from the balcony we stayed out.. the ocean is out there. just kinda foggy that day.

ghetto tijuana.. notice the middle picture.. those cars are just zooming by.. some scarey houses
blades right after surgery.. totally out of it..
the hospital.. it was a private one, so it was small. 8 beds in the whole place. It was very clean though.. and the nurses were great.. despite the major language barrier...

Thanksgiving Turkeys

We went to our good friends the Larsen's for Thanksgiving Dinner. The guys had been talking about it for months.. and we had a great time. Jaren smoked a turkey and Blades deep fried one. All the food was wonderful, and the great thing is we all shared in the cooking, so one person didnt have to do it all! The kids were supposed to make these cute placemats, but I got stuck finishing them. We just hung out and ate and visited. It was a perfect day to share with good friends. We have so much to be thankful for!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hola Mexico!!

Blades and I are in Mexico. He had some weight loss surgery here and is doing great. We have been here since monday morning. We are heading home Thursday afternoon.
The surgery went well and we are now at a ladies house that takes care of you after the surgery. She has a beautiful home with a great view of the ocean. There is a monkey down the road that we are gonna go feed later.
Tijuana is an interesting place. Pure choas. There are stop signs, but no one stops at them. They drive so fast...There are these roundabouts.. all cars coming from all different directions. There was another girl here that was having surgery, and she brought a friend. Her and I ventured out to dinner the first day we were here. Almost got ran over. The locals kind of showed us where and how to cross the street. You just start crossing and hope that the cars will stop..
There were guards outside of this hospital because there are prisoners there that get dialisis. Machine guns and bullet proof vests. At the dr's office that we first went to when we arrive they keep the door locked to make sure no one gets kidnapped including the dr's. There are alot of drug wars going on right now, and just last weekend 40 people were killed from the Cartells...
We will be glad to get back home. Not to worry.. we are safe. When in the hospital, the nurse asked me if i wanted to go upstairs and eat. They had made some sort of soup... my bowl came and i about freaked.. literally a cow's leg bone in the bowl..and some intestines... i kindly ate the rice and tortilla that accompanied the cow.. and went on my way..
The nurses speak no English, but were very nice to us. We have been playing lots of cards, and watching DVD's. I will post more and pictures once we get home. I have even got some of my Christmas cards addressed.
I was totally fine with my mom watching the kids until we called home today to check on them. As soon as I heard their voices, I was a wreck. Camden was wondering if daddy was still at the dr and if he was better now. Case is doing well too.. and said hi and bye.. We love our kids and totally miss them. I am on the lookout for a fun mexican toy to take home to him. Grandma said he is being really good.