Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our Caser

I've been uploading pictures of Case for the last hour. He is turning 3 tomorrow, and I wanted to post a few pictures.. (theres more than a few ) I just kept finding ones I wanted to add..

He is the cutest kid around.

He loves to be in the action of whatever is going on.

He loves to help me in the kitchen and scoots the stool up to see what I am doing.

He is saying " I love you" and not I....( then we would say love).. U

He loves to talk on the phone

He sneeks into the pantry constantly to find treats, snacks..

He loves nursery

He is a great sleeper.. and napper

Loves to drink my coke

Is a mommas boy

Loves Camden (tam)

He loves to say prayers

He loves Kyndal ( tyal)

He loves to take a bath

loves balls

is naughty sometimes

Happy Birthday Case. You are growing up so fast! We Love you!

Saw the clip in my hair and wanted it in his... ( this picture should come in handy someday)
The day he was born.. look at that ducky hair

Chunky Monkey.. I could eat him up.

RRRR... mateys... I love a bath

His 2nd Birthday.. so super excited

Playing at the beach in NC May 2009

love it! it was a bit windy

on a visit to see Grandma Dill.. The house behind him was my grandparents home in WY. Case's middle name in Louis.. after my Grandpa..

Another beach trip. Loving the sand

squishy cheeks. they would jiggle when he runs..

Where's Case?

Outdoor fun. Must of been hot oustide

1st birthday

bath time

splash pad at the zoo.. don't drop the snack Case

Where do i start?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

One great week!

Last Sunday, I was getting ready for church and Camden came running in yelling " GRANDMA". I was confused.. Sure enough my mom suprised us and came for a visit. It was the best suprise anyone has pulled off on me. Blades said he was going to do his home teaching. He had gotten dressed and everything and said he would be back in an hour.. he came home with my mom.. I was so happy I cried. The holidays were difficult without having family close by. A few days before New Years, the kids had worn on me and I had a bad day.. Crying to my mom explaining that my kids are out of control, hitting, slapping.. and I was balling. ( I need to remember that more often.. and my mom would come )
Some fun things we did this week included:
getting the boys new baseballs and bats.. playing baseball at the park
visiting Kyndal's grave
chuckie cheese
arizona science center
shopping for Case's new shoes
shopping for new clothes for me
going to lunch .. just her and I.. Olive Garden yum!
making and eating every treat we could think of
playing legos
movie nights
lots of buttered popcorn
I cannot begin to describe how much fun we had and how much it meant for her to come visit. She has taken Kyndal's death probably the hardest in our family. She said this was the first time she felt happy in along time. I was so glad, because it brought our family so much joy to have her here for the week. Her and I put away Kyndal's clothes and other baby items. I will write more about that later on Kyndal's blog, but I am so glad that she was here to do that with me. I had friends offer to help, but I wouldnt of wanted to share that with anyone but my mom.
I am teaching for the first time today in Young Women's. Wish me luck !!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Blades went home teaching on Sunday morning and brought back my mom. He went and picked her up from the airport. I had NO clue she was coming. I was in getting ready for church and had asked to boys to go and finish their lunch. Camden comes running in yelling Grandma.. I was like what?? It was a wonderful suprise. I even cried. I have been missing my mom and so glad she is here for a week :).. So i guess the Christmas blogging will have to wait for another day !!!