Monday, January 30, 2012

Birthday Boy

This first picture is how we really feel after a 4 day celebration of this little guys birthday. This picture wasnt taken recently, but it was so cute I had to add it in here.
Case turned 5 yesterday. He has been asking for atleast a month how many more days til his birthday...
we passed out froggy invitations and on Friday afternoon we had a party at the park. Pizza, cupcakes.. no mess at my house.. yeah it was wonderful. The weather was perfect and the kids enjoyed playing and running around.
The day before he celebrated at preschool with cupcakes.. one without frosting for his buddy blake that doesnt like frosting ( case told me and i hoped he was right.. he was)
Saturday, we ended up at Chase field watching Monster Jam. It was a first for all of us but Blades. Wow.. it was loud, fun and the kids loved the huge trucks. It brings out a whole new crowd of people I must admit.
Sunday, Dad made a big breakfast, and off to church we went. He got a special coupon to go see the bishop for a handshake and a treat. Bishop was busy after church, and we encouraged Case to wait til next week to turn in his coupon, but wait we did... until the bishop returned to his office where the treat jar was... He just couldnt wait a whole week.. During church he asked me if we were going to have a cake today. ( i figured with two rounds of cupcakes we could skip the cake) " but its my birthday, and im five" case conned me into making another cake after church. and another round of singing..
I cant believe my baby is 5. Its saddens me a bit... ok alot. I have pictures of this weekend but not on the computer yet, so here are some oldies but goodies..

Case is a :

  • joy

  • terd, awnry a lot

  • always hungwee ( hungry)

  • an early riser

  • a great brother

  • a great hugger

  • loves his blankies still ( all three of them)

  • climbs into our bed and hands us the remote to turn on tv before the sun comes up

  • asks to go to the park everyday

  • newly found bike rider

  • drink swiper

  • 5 FIVE year old now

this is how we feel after this weekend

swimming last summer


a few years ago on a bike


brothers... case looks a bit girly... long hair i guess.. look at those squishy cheeks

mom and Caser


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Batters up

For Camden's birthday in September ( ya Im a bit behind in the blogging department) we took him to the baseball field and said we were signing him up for baseball. Talk about one excited boy. Practice started a few days later and we were thrown into baseball. He had a great season and the coaches couldnt believe this was his first season ever playing. He is a natural I suppose. I hope these pictures will be on the big screens at the World Series... one day as they flash back to Camden's first baseball can hope :)

He had practices usually twice a week and a game a week. We spent plenty of time at the ballfield. But there is something about sunflower seeds, soft pretzels and cheese, and bubblegum that made me fall in love with baseball. Seeing other friends with kids on other teams was fun too. Blades even fundraised for the league. BBQ'd and raised over 450 profit.
He played in a tournament and they were first place.

waiting for trophy ceremonies.

He LOVES baseball! look at the face on that kiddo.

Is he not the cutest catcher? all that gear on such a small kid... and the classic sport grab..

October 2011.. he played in the Halloween Tournament. They were the champions. He had fun playing with other players from other teams.

Ready to bat

from the dugout


a well deserved snowcone after a game. we started out the season sweating, and ending it freezing.. I guess thats the fun in playing fallball

He got to carry the sign for his team for opening ceremonies.

his first practice.

up to bat.. he is a lefty and has some power behind his swing. He got a home run one of the first games he played. The coaches and team cheered him on. I admit, I cried.. I was so proud!

( one of my favorite pics of the season) His real love is catching. At the beginning of the season, his coach noticed he wasnt quite getting fundamentals of the game, and asked if he wanted to catch. He got better and better at catching and he loves it. It gives him something to do... other than pick the grass in the outfield.

His end of the season party is this Saturday for pizza. He is pretty excited. We are signing him up again.. season starts the end of March. Let the games begin! again

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"It's a new one"

"It's a new one", Case says as he is watching Tom & Jerry cartoons. He must not realize that those cartoons are older than myself, but they are new to him I suppose. It makes me giggle every time he tells me that.

A new year... a new blog post for the year.

I am looking forward to this year. It's a big one for us. Camden will turn 8 and get baptized into our church. Case will turn 5 in a few weeks ( could it really be.. my baby turning 5?), and he will start kindergarten. What exactly is a girl to do with no kids at home.. I will figure something out later in the year...

We had a wonderful Holiday season. Pictures are sitting safely on my camera and will be uploaded soon. So check back for pics.