Friday, July 29, 2011

wow.. what a trip!

I have tons of pictures to share and stories to blog.. but for now we are glad to be in our own beds. We are getting back to reality with laundry, grocery shopping and school starting in a little over a week. Camden will be in first grade. Is that possible? I remember being in first grade.
Here are a list of things I had forgotten about the great state of Wyoming...

  • they sell cows on TV ( auctions) and they go for about 1.25 a lb... averaging 800 lbs.. thats $1000.00 a head...

  • mosquito's are pesky and very feirce.. a good repellant is a must

  • a cattle-drive up to the mountains is a once in a lifetime experience

  • you can eat beef jerky and cattle drive at the same time..

  • Grandma's and Grandpa's spoiled us

  • small towns have great parades and festivities for Pioneer Day.

  • go-fish and crazy eights are great card games

  • small town pool is the gathering place..

  • cows walk in the yard

  • electric fences dont zap too bad ( thats what camden said)

  • slip and slide is classic afternoon fun

  • small town county fairs are fun

  • it doesnt get dark til 9:45 pm.. ( kids took a while to understand that one)

  • the checkin lady at the airport checked all my carry-ons for free .... what a relief

  • the same happened on the way home :)

  • fireworks and boys go together.. ( i tried lighting some for the kids and burned a hole in my shirt...)

  • a cattle rancher rarely buys beef.. he just drops one off at the process plant and comes back in a few days for the goods

  • you can buy cinnamon bears by the pound

  • deer jump out of no-where on the highway.. gotta watch out..

  • i still love the smell of skunks. ( so does camden)

  • pennies really do get squished by train tracks

  • four wheeler rides are just as fun as i remember

  • boys love to throw rocks and break bottles

  • everyone waves at everyone

  • farmers work hard and wake up early

  • my camera broke.. and i will be in the market for a new one.. it fell out of the carrying case and the top of it came off.. it still works, but a good reason to start shopping

  • if the temperature was below 60 my kids were "freezing".

  • cowboys like blades' bbq

Theres so many great stories and things that we did.. I will be back to blogging soon.. for now its trying to figure out what to make for dinner.... reality is upon me.. no more mom to make the dinners and do my dishes... darn it was nice!

Friday, July 8, 2011


I have tons of things to do to get ready for our Wyoming vacation next week, and here I sit.. blogging about nothing in particular...

I have read the Hunger Games, and the second book too.. I just finished it off today.
I am sure I will read the third in a day or so...
i have the kids' clothes all ready to pack..
got some new uniforms for Camden.. ( school starts the week after we get back)
going out with blades tonight.. for some mongolian bbq.. will talk him into walking around target..
we had a great trip to vegas over the 4th.. pics to come.. one more thing to do on my list..
we are loving our pool
the two birds in the nest flew away.. managing to avoid the pool.. a miracle forsure
I have a wonderful new calling... 2nd counselor in the Relief Society.. I cant wait!
I will miss the nursery kids
Camden just popped his own bowl of popcorn... and watching Harry potter.
caser is taking a nap
blades should be home any minutes... then i can pick up our babysitter.. and hit the town of Queen Creek... watch out! we may be home before 10..