Friday, October 29, 2010

Pre-halloween fun!

We had our ward trunk or treat... chili, cornbread, cupcakes and lots of candy.
Lots of friends too.. they took pictures since my camera was broken.. but I am proud to announce that mine is working again.. A quick whack of the camera worked like a charm.. Kodak wanted 100.00 to do that:) Maybe I should go into camera repair... I almost did a happy dance when it started working again..
Our Family
Cori, Monica, Rian and Julia

Julia and Nathan the officer

Blades and the boys

Cori and Camden


Jake, Bradley and Case.. adorable pirates...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


my camera battery has been dead, so I went and got a new one today... my camera is acting up.. like it turns on for a split second then turns off... if it is broken I am going to throw up... I cant live without a camera

Monday, October 25, 2010

Our new pets

Saturday morning we went to Camden's Fall Festival for his school.
(I remember clearly all the fun we had at Oran K Gragson as kids)...
There were the typical... cake walk, face painting, ring toss, fishing pond and the one we never played (or won) at our school carnivals....
This one had the longest line... the most kids..
Ping pong fish.. bounce a ball into the fish bowl.. and the fish was yours...
We managed to avoid the game for a while. After using all of our tickets but 7.. we managed to grab a ticket from the Williams... we had the necessary amount.. 8 tickets...
we stood in line for atleast 15 minutes. Each kid would get 3 tries... bounce the ball on the ground first and stand behind the white line were the rules.
A cute little girl in front of us dressed as Dorthy tried, and the tears were running down her face even before her balls were all used up..
I had warned the kids that if they didn't win.. no big deal.. we still had fun..
It was Case's turn... First ball.. right in...
Then my thoughts were.. oh no case won.. and camden is going to freak out if he doesnt..
Camden's turn... first ball.... no luck..
second ball.. right in...
my luck.. 2 goldfish in ziploc baggies..
a dad on the sidelines said.. all those kids have had no luck and your kids get it right away.. he asked camden what he was going to name it.. the dad suggested Bait... Bait it was..
Case chose Caillou..
would they make it home alive?where would i put them?
somehow they made it home.. called dad and sent him a picture to tell him our good fortune.. transfered them to a clear glass bowl.. ( that was a vase, but it works)
We bought the necessary fish food, fed and changed the water
Today while Camden was at school, one was at the bottom lifeless..
I broke the news to Case.. we spooned him out and walked to the toilet..
Case was actually excited to flush?
Should I be concerned? He is sensitive.. maybe just not to orange goldfish?
So since we will never have dogs or cats.. fish might be our pet of choice.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall... are you close?

We've picked out Halloween costumes for the kids
Camden: indian
Case: pirate
We've had fall break
( this morning I had to set my alarm to get back into the schedule thing)
The Halloween decorations are out
Trunk or treat & Fall festivals are on our calendars
My crockpot is ready for stews and warm-ness
My windows want to be opened
My candles are already burning your lovely smells
Just Cool down... Fall will be fun!
We love the smells, coolness and Holidays the Fall brings..

Friday, October 15, 2010

A week to remember!

We made it past the "year" mark... I dreaded that day knowing it had been a year since we held Kyndal. The day was wonderful... The best advice I got was to "be her mom".. I tried to remember that for the day. I made cookies and got ready in pink for the day.. ( the cookies were delicious, but forgot half the flour so they looked like pancakes) Had a friend pick some up on the way to the cemetary...

Had a wonderful Birthday party for Kyndal at the cemetary. The kids sang Happy Birthday ( I just cried) had wonderful friends there supporting us. There were about 15 kids there. I'm sure she appreciated the craziness.. The boys looked at her pictures and called their friends over to the blanket to look at their sister.. We released balloons after singing.

We put out new flower arrangements for the changing seasons and all... Our family in NC sent some pretty yellow and orange flowers that are perfect. I found another arrangement a few weeks ago with fall colored gerber daisies..

My house was full of beautiful flowers all weekend. I have wonderful friends and family.

My kids are on Fall break so we've got to spend extra time in our jammies in the morning, and have a non routine kinda schedule..

Blades had a job interview for a sleep lab yesterday. We prayed before he went that he would do well.. Hours later, he calls to say he got the job. What a blessing. He doesnt have any experience in that field except the class that he took about a month ago. The lady was very nice in hiring him and said she would train him. We couldnt be more excited in this new adventure. Congrats Blades! ( when he got the call to have an interview he came running outside where I was buckling the kids in the car.. with no shoes like a little kid so excited telling me about the interview.. it was sweet)
Tomorrow is the Walk to Remember. They have been doing it for 18 years. It's for parents and families who have lost babies. We walk for them. Alot of the people that I attend support group with will be there. I am excited.

ps.. thanks Debra for letting me use your camera for Kyndal. I had bought the wrong battery.. Debra saved the day!

Monday, October 4, 2010

and the countdown begins

Last year this day, my mom had just flown into town and we were preparing for Kyndal to arrive within the next few days..
Last year I was pregnant for my birthday, Camden's birthday and those events have passed. The next event was Oct 8.. Kyndal, our daughter was stillborn.. click here to read the full story..
Friday marks the day. We are having a graveside balloon release with close friends.
I was at walmart today, and chose a new flower arrangement for her grave. It has bright fall colors, sunflowers and gerber daisies..
It makes me want to get my Halloween and fall decorations out..
Tonight is support group. I've missed (or forgotten) for 3 months.
I am sure it will be a tough week for me, so if Im not acting normal.. it's cause I'm not , and have a good excuse...:)
the word "year" is a hard word to say.
Not that my feelings will change overnight.. from 11 months to 12..
but it is something about that word..