Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Land of the Free

We spent the Fourth of July in Las Vegas.. here are a few pics of our celebrating..

sparlklers with Grandma Pat

no shirt and sparklers.. great fire safety mom...

let Case help light the fireworks.. why not??

Blades and Camden lighting sparklers

the boys dressed in their red white and blue outfits..

Camden and Kiptyn at the annual Cannon fourth of July picnic..

a bomb pop to cool Camden down

some sparklers

our family sparkler picture

Camie and Cori

Since we have moved away from family, this is one day we miss being around everyone.. including the annual cannon 4th of july party.. we were lucky to be there this year :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

all good things must come to an end

As I packed my 1st lunchbox for my first grader for his first day tomorrow I felt a little sad that summer is gone. He will be in school all day long, and will eat at school. I packed a little note and instructions on saving one snack for snacktime and not eating it at lunch..
what about the doritos... they will make his hands orange, but didnt think that packing a babywipe in a baggie was appropriate for a first grader.. he settled for a napkin..
I have tons of pictures to share from our summer and will do that soon... but for now I had to reset my alarm clock for the rest of my life :)
early bedtime is on our calendars.. no more late night friends over..
Good luck Camden at your first day tomorrow.. you'll do great

Friday, August 5, 2011

flashback photos

I was uploading pictures the other day and I wondered why do I take all these pictures, and then they sit on my computer... I have printed some to scrapbook ( which hasnt happened for a while) so I decided to start showing my pictures.. I hung ribbon on the wall near camdens room, and attached pictures with cute paperclips.. that way the kids can see when they were little, and things we have done.. it is fun to hear them talking about the pictures.. and i love to see them too.. heres a few flashbacks.


Camden 1 year

Case in NC. those chubby cheeks made me smile

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Father's Day Surprise

We had celebrated Fathers Day at the ballpark and stopped by to see Kyndal's grave on the way home. To our surprise we saw this....
We had been expecting her headstone to be here anytime, but what a special day for us to find it. I came around the corner, and started crying immediatley.. Blades was upset and wondered why they didnt call us, but I am glad we got to find it.. What a perfect Father's Day gift from a daughter... It made the day that more special, and we will always remember when it was placed. We are thankful to agoodgrief who helped us purchase her headstone. With the money we raised at her BBQ in April, we want to thank all of you again who participated and helped in the special day for Kyndal.

do you see our noses bleeding?? we had the cheap seats, but had a great time..

Case enjoying some nachos.

youve got to have a hotdog at the ballgame.. even if Blades had to wait for 4 innings in line to get it.

Monday, August 1, 2011

always fun

Grandpa and Grandma Dill's house always brings lots of fun...
Camden, Kyla, Case, Austin and Jacob

Uncle Michael always plays with the kids..

theres something about swimming and goggles.. it makes the experience much better.. ( i hear)

nonstop swimming... great food.. and fun with family. We have spent a few weekends there this summer, and had a great time.. time spent with cousins, sunburns, popsicles and bbq's..

We always feel like we are at home when we visit..

My Dad and I

My Dad loves his Grandkids.. and they love him..