Tuesday, December 28, 2010


side note... randomness.. I found this picture while blades was digging around in the junk drawer... it made me laugh.. wanted to share it with you!! it was a windy NC day in May of 09

last night it was video game night with a side of pizza...no bedtime

tonight it was nerf gun wars... dad included

they are in the bath after playing outside most of the day.... washing the sweat and dirt away..

camden decided to pee outside today.. ( maybe he forgot we have toilets)

went to the pet store and camden insisted in us getting a rat... ( um no.. )

Camden says to me today at lunch.. "mom.. we need some boys around here."

I tried explaining that there are plenty of them around here, and reminded him that I was the only girl in the house... ( and of course Kyndal which they mentioned...)

I think its time for a girls night out! Who's with me?

the bath is probably running over as we speak ( or type)... dad's supervising.. don't worry..

Saturday, December 25, 2010

a Merry Christmas forsure

what a day.. i am exhausted at the moment, but some delicious tamales are steaming and I must wait for the goodness to finish steaming..

It started last night as we tried getting the kids to bed early.. they were excited to get ready for santa and I had never seen them brush their teeth so fast. ( believe me it was short lived)
They slept in our room with bells on the door in case we had intruders... or extruders... those trying to exit before the right time.
They couldnt understand why we werent going to bed.. cause we had told them theyd better get to sleep so santa would come. We set our alarms in case we fell asleep, and they eventually went to sleep.
Camden woke up at 5 to use the potty and just wanted to see if Santa had eaten his cookies that we had made for him. I told him we'd have to wait til the sun was up and when Case woke up we would check it out. 7 came along, and they had held out long enough...
What a fun day. They were super excited about all the goodies and gifts. Camden and Case passed out the presents to everyone and we opened them... everyone takes a turn.. it takes a while, but its more fun that way... they jumped into the pile of wrapping paper and boxes for a traditional camera shot.. and we played ALL day long.
Had a wonderful dinner, watched toy story 3 atleast 3 times.. ( thanks Aunt Camie and Uncle Neil) theres lots more to remember and write, but my brain is done for tonight...
Merry Christmas ALL!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An Early Christmas gift

Where do I begin??

One of my "featured friends" on my last post is here visiting with her hubby and mom. Camie and Neil got the best gift yesterday at 11:46 am...
a baby boy... straight from heaven.. he was placed in their arms thanks to a selfless young woman who made them parents...

what a wonderful day. I was able to see him minutes after he was born. He is tiny tiny.. 5 lbs.
He gets to have his first sleep over tonight!! at our house...

can anyone ask for a better gift.. cause I believe whatever is under my tree just got "trumped" by him....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

that's what friends are for

Do you have friends that you arent around all the time.. but as soon as you are together.. its like you didnt miss anytime together?? I have great friends who I feel that way about....

Here is one of them... Camie.. we attended the same HS for 2 years, and years later became friends.... Wow... what a great friend!! Her family treats us like we are their family. We look forward to spending some time with them in the next few weeks.
and another... Amorette... we have known eachother since we were 4 or 5.. We grew up in the same ward.. attended the same schools... and got in lots of trouble together as kids. She lived around the block, so it was easy to hang out with her. Last weekend, she and her hubby were sealed in the Las Vegas temple. Their son Trevor was also sealed to them. Talk about a special day! I wouldnt of missed it for the world and was happy that we got to share with them this day....

Last night I went out with some friends and did some last minute shopping. I am about done on my list, but found a few treasures.

You should of seen the 4 of us... Target first.. standing in the aisles chit chatting... dodging other shoppers ( who were actually shopping).. a coke... Rolos.... dollar section... comparing Santa lists... and Santa gifts.. and how to put what out from who... wrapped or not to wrap? The kids are all in the carpool, so we heard what they wanted from Santa... we compared again...

all without kids.. that was the nice part...

We didnt start our adventures until 8.. that way kids were almost in bed, and hubby's couldnt say much about us out for hours...

Next stop was Ross... who doesnt love that store? Attention Ross customers.. it is 10:55... please bring your final purchases up to the register..

We all decided we were hungry.. it was now after 11.. we dont live in vegas anymore.. stuff closes here in the Q.C. Jack in the Box it was. We visited til they closed at 12. Fun times.

I was tired this morning as my alarm went off for my kiddo to get ready for school... but it was well worth the missed sleep to spend it with friends..
I have met wonderful friends since we have moved here and feel very blessed for that. I miss my friends in Vegas... but luckily get to see them often too....I'm one lucky gal!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Santa.. we've been good.

This is what we have been up to... getting ready for Christmas... enjoy the mass of pictures..
Case and Camden visiting the temple lights in Mesa
Cori and the boys at the temple

Blades and the boys

an attempt of getting a family picture in front of the tree

first attempt at the picture...

The kids writing letters to Santa and taking them to the mall to drop them off in the Macy's mailbox..

Camden really concentrating on his letter

Case a little irritated...?

getting ready to send the letters off

... and they're gone

We spent the weekend in Las Vegas visiting with family and friends. My dad dresses up like Santa for my brothers ward party. The kids were so excited to see him. Camden saw him come in and got a bit confused when he looked familiar... like grandpa... I told him it was our little secret and not to tell the other kids. Grandpa helps Santa.. cause he is one busy man... Case had no clue at all that it was Grandpa... Santa it was :)
Camden and his cousins in awe of the magical grandpa..

Since we were visiting early... the kids even got to open presents early.. They were super happy..and now want to open all the gifts we have under the tree....

Case opening his scooter

Camden and his scooter... an item on his list :) Santa must of spoken to Grandpa and Grandma

The kids on thier new scooters... Camden in his nightshirt..
( he will hate his picture in years to come. but loves nightshirts)

Grandma Pat, Grandpa, Camden and Case with thier pillow pets..

Is my dad not the cutest Santa or what???

All the kids....my brothers kids too...
Jake, Camden, Austin, Santa, Kyla and Case

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

while it bakes

I have banana bread in the oven to take with us to Vegas for some gifts. it smells good..
Blades is getting the oil changed and a new tire for the car that we will adventure in.
Camden is playing video games
Case is watching Dora
I am waiting for the banana bread to get done so we can run to Walmart and maybe pick up a taco.
My house is about ready for potential company while we are gone...
the sheets are in the washer..
toilets and bathtub clean
I still need to pack
we have birdfeeders to make and a gingerbread house if we have time
Camden's Christmas concert is tonight. He is excited. He has a new tie to wear.
now the kids are wrestling.. better go be a mother instead of a blogger

Monday, December 6, 2010

Motivation... are you out there?

Dear Motivation,
I know we have spoken before. Please return my pleads.
We have a busy month ahead of us. The list of december to do's is long, and only a few are checked off.
This morning I should be sweeping and mopping. Maybe by writing you this letter, you will visit me and I can accomplish this task which I hate. Maybe if I do it today, I can wait til after Christmas to do it again.. ( wishful thinking)
One Whitekid is at school, and the other is happily being entertained by Max & Ruby, so I should take the opportunity to get my checklist done.. instead I blog.
This week is a busy one. We are heading to Vegas on Thu after Camden gets out of school to spend the weekend with family and friends.
Tonight is a candlelight service for Kyndal at the hospital that I attend the support group at.. We will take the kids, please don't climb the walls or burn yourselves kids.
I also keep saying I will walk.. treadmill or while the kids are next to me on bikes, but that too is wishful thinking.
For now, please be a friend and stop by Motivation.
Your friend,

ps. maybe that brownie for breakfast wasnt the nutrition I needed for my tasks today.

Friday, December 3, 2010

a doll

We started Christmas shopping this week. We let the kids write a letter to Santa, and we headed to the mall to drop it off at Macy's mailbox.. We ventured over to see Santa in the mall, and to our suprise there was only one person in front of us. yeah.

As we were walking back, I noticed the Angel tree... where you can pick a child off the tree, buy a gift and turn it back in. We looked over some of the names and ages of the kids. We decided to pick a girl that was young.
Case and I were at Walmart today and found a cute Snow White doll.. the first doll I have ever bought. We got some pink princess jammies too. I am excited to teach the kids about serving others this holiday season.
Maybe next Christmas we will be able to buy a doll for a baby in our house.. ( no this isnt an announcement.. we hope to add a baby to our family soon) believe me... you all will know :)

The kids are excited about Christmas. Its fun to see it through their eyes.. they are so excited about everything. I love Christmas! Tonight we are going to Camden's school to watch Polar Express in their jammies. We are heading to Vegas next week hopefully to see a wonderful friend sealed to her hubby and son. I wouldnt miss it for the world!

We are waiting for our friends baby to arrive. Birthmom is 37 weeks. I am trying to keep up on the housework, so when they call and say they are on their way, my house is somewhat together. Exciting times...