Thursday, January 10, 2013

These two..

make me happy to be a momma
brighten my day
make me laugh
make me cry
give the best hugs
tell jokes like a pro ( they think they are really funny)
are so smart
fight, but still love eachother.. im sure of it
are handsome
are growing up too quickly
make me crazy and say not so nice motherly things to them

Monday, January 7, 2013

a new year

So somewhere in 2012, i started to lack in the blogging department. maybe its facebook or instagram or whatever, but im gonna be better... just you wait and see...
( youll have to wait for pictures too.. they are on my camera from our trip to North Carolina over the Holidays, and maybe I will download them tomorrow)

Something about a new year...

new manuals at church
the kids get new primary teachers
the calendar is clean
time to think about family goals ( we are gonna read the book of mormon.. one chapter or more a day
remembering to write the date right
cases birthday right around the corner
kids go back to school after holiday break

we had a wonderful time spending with family over the Holidays. We have never spent Christmas there, and 10 years being married... it was time. More details to come.

I was in bed at 9:30 EST ( which is really 7:30  in AZ) on New years eve... no big parties, no sparkling cider.. i had an allergic reaction around dogs and cats, and i had chugged on the kids' benadryl so i could once again see out of my two eyes.

So check back.. I promise to update more often...

Monday, October 8, 2012

Kyndal Ann

Three years ago we said hello and goodbye to this baby.
We will be sending balloons your way this evening. You mean the world to us Kyndal. Can't wait to see you again. You've changed our lives for the better. We have been watching the videos of the hospital and funeral. Your brothers are so little, but remember you too.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

day 5

we have made it to day 5 of back to school.. one whole week of newness...
backpack zippers are already broken... shoes are skuffed and they are bathing nightly.
The kids are doing great. Case is in kindergarten and is home almost before he leaves.. time goes by fast. he is gone for 4 hours, but it seems so fast. you would think i would have a spotless house.. dinner made and laundry caught up... but I wouldnt want to overwhelm myself...
Camden is in 2nd grade, and he loves his teacher. She said he is doing well.

backpacks are packed with homework folders that are already done for the night. water bottles are on the counter ready for a refill and shoes are laying out ready for feet tomorrow morning.
Carpool is great. I have it all week driving in the morning, so I atleast have to have my teeth brushed and some decent clothes on.. unlike non carpool days in which my friends see me in jammies and full bedhead..
tater tot casserole is in the oven and I am starting to smell it. blades is working late and we are looking forward to our cruise in 6 weeks.
the weather is a mere 95 out, so the kids are in the front yard.. id better go check on them and make sure they are ok...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Let the Camping begin

Memorial Day Camping 2012

We went up near Payson and found a campsite. It was fun to be in the cooler weather. We even got to have a fire ( which most places were banned, but we were in a hosted campsite so it was safe)
We went down to a fish hatchery
fished in the stream ( not at the hatchery)
cooked yummy food
played ladder golf
went on walks
the boys found all sorts of bugs
tried to sleep through the beeping of the carbon monoxide alarms that went dead in the night.. you can only ignore so long before you think you may want to sleep somewhere else..
turned on the generator so we could watch a movie in the trailer
were happy to shower and bathe .. werent sure how long the water in the trailer would last.

 Camden waiting patiently for dad to bait the hook
 Case drawing in the trailer and Camden in the background resting
 ladder golf is serious business according to this picture
 one treasure found of many
 blades cooking us some dinner
 a victory dance
 blades fishing
 locust shells.. they kept trying to attach them to me.. ick
Case and Cori enjoying the scenery
our get up

When we got home we were watching the news and found out that a bear had been spotted and attacked a lady about 15 miles away from our campsite.. they shut the campsite down and looked for the bear for a few weeks with no luck. We were glad to have the trailer to be in...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back to Blogging

I've been a slacker.. Im not sure what it is.. Is blogging not what it used to be? If things have changed, I will be sad. I love blogstalking others.. just failed to keep up with my duties as a fellow blogger.

Summer is in full swing around our house. We are sleeping in, staying up late and sleeping in places other than our beds.. ( the kids atleast )... sharing beds, sleeping in the office.. watching movies, cartoons and swimming all hours of the day. The sun is beating us up..and swimming cools us off quickly.

I was feeling like the kiddos were watching too much TV and today something got in their little imaginations, and they played all day... ( until now)... They did a puppet show with legos, wrote their own story for the puppet show.. started hunting for vampires in their proper vampire hunting outfits.. which consisted of camoflauge, belts, sunglasses and a box to search for clues.
They didnt have any luck finding vampires, so they switched to super heros. Case was Camden's sidekick... They shot at imaginary villians ( such a boy word) and kept switching thier hero name...
Camden's final attire turned to cowboy.. belt, gun, hat tucked in shirt and jeans... yes its 110 degrees out and he has jeans on.. ( long sleeved ones.. he calls them).. I had to run to walmart and he had his cute outfit on and his hat almost blew away. He chased it in the parking lot once. He even toughed it out with his pose.. looked very cowboyish..

We had some friends over to swim and camden had to go inside once he was dried off to show them his outfits...

It's been a great day.. just when I thought there was no hope for my tv prone children.. yes its my fault.... but i feel like a better parent today..

Monday, February 27, 2012

have you ever???

have you ever....

started cleaning and room, and didnt realize how dusty and dirty it really was??
( we cleaned out our office and dejunked everything. it must be a room that usually gets overlooked... because it was nasty.we got a new computer, so it was a must.) Now my room is next.

let your child stay home from school because you didnt want to wake up?
( that'd be me this morning. camden came in saying his throat hurt.. ok.. you dont need to go to school. I should of talked him into going cause he will have double the homework tomorrow, but it was nice not to have to rush around this morning... until the house alarm was going off and i jumped out of bed to turn it off, and went out of my room, to see the light of the sun coming from the front door. I quickly turned around to get on some decent clothes. the girl i babysitt came early. talk about frazzled. Thankfully the dad stayed on the porch til I got all a mess)

cut pickles and onions?... my whole house smells like them now... and my hands.. ick

been more excited about a trip than your kids? ( we are heading to the happiest place on earth in a little over a week... thats all we talk about, dream about and google)

felt guilty about leaving your kids to go on a cruise for 7 days to celebrate our ten year anniversary... ( NOT ME... Atleast not yet... we are going in September.)